Doesn’t fit into the routine of office work? Or are you looking for additional income? Many people try their luck in the business world, especially online businesses. Especially now that technology has made us comfortable to do business online. Without the need for too much money, you can immediately open a shop, such as opening a shop on Tokopedia. You just need to be smart in finding what products people can always buy.

Surely everyone wants to run a business that sells every day. In this digital era, business opportunities are wide open for anyone who can take advantage of the opportunity. Today’s businesses don’t have to have a physical store, you can sell online and monitor everything from home.

It’s just that, because of the ease of opening an online shop, everyone is familiar with this online business opportunity. This means that you have to put in extra effort so that your business can sell well every day because of the very tight competition. So you have to arrange your ideas until they are mature, you still have to prepare capital to start your business. For those of you who just want to start a business, maybe you can start from the 5 business opportunities that have high potential selling every day below. Want to find your market and be able to communicate with your customers? for more info please visit the official website here lcs2

Potential Businesses Every Day

Some people must be familiar with the term dropship. For those of you who don’t know, dropshipping business is asking the supplier of goods to send the product that you are promoting to your buyer, but the sender is on your behalf. The person who bridges between the supplier and the buyer is called a dropshipper. The main task of a dropshipper is to market the product resiliently so that it can attract as many buyers as possible.

You could say, this dropshipping business can be done by all people because it doesn’t need a lot of capital. Another advantage is that you can sell a wide selection of products so that you can attract a wider range of buyers. However, you have to be careful when looking for suppliers so that the authenticity and quality of the products you sell are trusted.

The drawback is, you have to sell these products at a higher price than the direct seller. You also have to be good at managing the flow of communication with suppliers and buyers.


This one is almost the same as drop shipping, but you must first buy the product and prepare stock. Both have not sold their own products, but the difference is that resellers have to spend capital at the beginning to keep stock of their selling items. The advantage of being a reseller compared to a dropshipper is that you can control your own sales flow. Because the goods are ready to be shipped at any time, you avoid running out of stock from suppliers.

Items that are very easy to sell by resellers are usually electronic, beauty, health and fashion products.

Online food and beverage business

Third, it must be admitted that online food and beverage businesses are mushrooming among millennials. Because you no longer have to open a restaurant to be able to do business in the culinary field. There are so many choices of culinary businesses that you can choose according to your skills and preferences. Moreover, the convenience of using inter-online and social media applications that make it easier for others to know your brand. The contemporary culinary business also requires you to be creative in creating unique food or drinks that taste delicious too. Taking advantage of the trends and hype is a smart move, but it doesn’t necessarily last long.

After all, there are so many contemporary culinary business ideas that you can consider. Home online food business ideas that can be sold every day, for example healthy food, snacks, geprek chicken, contemporary coffee, cheese tea and much more.

Online fashion business

If the food business is not for you, you can fulfill another basic human need, namely clothing. Doing business in the fashion sector is a business that sells every day and is long term. First, the clothing business will definitely not run out of buyers because everyone definitely needs clothes, whether it’s clothes, shoes, or bags. Second, there are many models that can meet the tastes of each individual. Third, if you want to get a clearer target market, you can target a niche market. Such as Muslim clothing, children’s clothing, sports shoes, baby gear bags and a myriad of other categories.

Healthy catering

Still around the market niche, awareness to eat healthy is increasingly contagious among the younger generation. Not only food, a healthy lifestyle seems to be a trend in 2019 and 2020. Although most healthy foods do not require high cooking techniques, not everyone has the time to prepare school or office supplies. Eating healthy is also not just eating low-calorie foods, nutrition and vitamin intake must also be taken into account properly so that your our bodies still get enough nutrition.

You can come up as a solution to that problem by opening a healthy catering business. You can more easily run this catering business because public awareness for a healthy lifestyle is growing. So, you no longer need to bother giving education about healthy food consumption.

So, which business idea would you like to pursue? Make sure you choose the right product and according to market needs, guaranteed to sell every day!

Where do you get the capital? For those of you who don’t have the capital, you can start following the business ideas that are selling every day number 1 and 2.

By palmora