In the last few years, the world has advanced rapidly when it comes to technology and its importance for things that we do every single day. Therefore, urban mobility has also improved to a point where you can find cars with an auto driver and many more.

The advancement of the automotive industry has affected plenty of things from our ability to drive from point A to point B, to other features such as energy efficiency, and even parking, which is the worst thing when it comes to vehicles nowadays.

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Everything that we have mentioned above will create a new ecosystem of vehicles and transportation that will allow us to reduce time spent in traffic.

Parking Technologies Are Improving

The introduction of services that allows you to get cheap transportation, such as Uber has created a new perspective on how we perceive traffic nowadays. At the same time, it allowed us to implement technology and change the direction in which vehicles will evolve.

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Of course, you should consider other factors that will contribute to advancement in parking technologies that are using smart perspective. Other changes that will help you reach the point of smart parking and car management are:

  • The number of people in urban settings is increasing, which is why the need for smart parking is a necessity that will reduce the time spent on the street cruising for the space.
  • The traffic congestion has to decrease, which is why technology has to improve and advance in the next few years.
  • People have environmental awareness and the ideas of sustainability, and if you have in mind that we tend to spend plenty of time searching for a parking lot, the technology will provide us less time consumption along the way.

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Even though we have mentioned above that self-driving vehicles have entered the market, they are not an influential factor that can speed up the process of implementing smart parking technologies.

The fact is that young generation is moving towards transportation services, operators, parking facility owners, and managers, and they wish to see whether they have the ability to improve parking access while reducing time spent in traffic simultaneously.

Therefore, the demand for innovative technology that can help you improve efficiency, convenience, affordability, and accessibility is in high order, and we will present you the main parking trends in 2019:

  1. Collaboration Between Municipalities and Parking Operators

The current problem of our neighborhoods is that cities, as well as universities, are unable to regulate and plan to park properly. The main reason for this is due to the lack of precise historical and real-time data.

The life we live is fast-paced as well as changes in places we live, which means that in most cases, we tend to outstrip our ability to build and plan an infrastructure that will keep up with changes.

At the same time, the disconnection and lack of collaboration between municipalities and parking operators are creating havoc that seems unregulated. However, nowadays, you can consider various changes that started around us and are currently changing.

We can see that cities are adopting the smart concept, and major towns such as Barcelona, London, and Singapore are examples of places in which this particular concept is progressing and will become the part of everyone’s lives in the next decade.

  • Affordable and Convenient Ways Of Finding Parking Lots

When you have in mind that combination of mobile phones, cloud software, and GPS, as well as sensor space monitoring systems, can help us create an application that allows us to reach the space as soon as possible.

Since the implementation of IoT sensors that are generating real-time data on spot occupancy, drivers can take advantage of this technology by navigating to the closest open spot by using a mobile device, native app, and internet connection.

At the same time, you will be able to use real-time data to check out parking pricing policies as well as city traffic density. Finally, you will be able to maximize your budget by checking how much you wish to stay and reducing time spent in searching for space.

  • Electronic Payments

The most frustrating things in our lives are the idea of spending plenty of time looking for an empty parking spot and imagine the problem that will occur if you find it at last and notice that you do not have spare change left.

That is the main reason why the adoption of mobile payments is essential, and it will create a new possibility that will help you along the way. Of course, this worldwide and popular trend is becoming a part of most industries that surround us.

  • Mobile Transportation

Mobile technology is essential for all trends we have mentioned above, but still, it is vital for effectiveness in the future transportation systems.

Have in mind that people want improved mobility in cities that they live in, and it doesn’t matter if it is the form of car sharing, public transport, or driving a car.

That is the main reason why most people use mobile transportation apps that will provide you real-time data on availability and pricing as well as the possibility to pay for everything from your card.

Mobile transportation will change the way we perceive traffic since most people found out that it is more affordable to share cars or to use transportation services instead of driving themselves.

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  • Curbside Management

One of the most significant factors that will affect the future of parking is curbside management policies that are redefining the curb lane. Of course, everything depends on the type of street, but the idea is that experts will divide lane into priority zones with the ability for you to stop.

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