Every business operates on a simple policy, cost minimization and profit maximization. In the past years, businesses especially those in the telecom industry have been looking at the right place to implement the cost minimization principle, but the execution was all wrong. Human resource managers often believed that in order to minimize cost, they had to scale down their workforce. That is why most companies, especially during the recession years, have retrenched most of their permanent employees leaving them and their families vulnerable. Well, the company achieved the cost minimization, but they also left a good number of people jobless and unable to fend for their families. Innovative entrepreneurs looked at the trend in which the telecom businesses traditional workforce was taking and came up with platforms to save both the employees and the employer time and money. One such innovative and revolutionary platform is FieldEngineer.com where an individual just signs up as a freelance telecom engineer and he gets access to a ton of employers who are ready to make use of their skills. Skilled retrenched employees also get a lifeline to reclaim their lives back.


The alternative


These companies failed to understand the power that the remote workforce industry held for the telecom companies. Hiring from the freelance marketplace, these companies are at liberty to convert the payroll which often comprised a huge chunk of fixed costs to variable costs. They also get skilled talent which they do not need to train to get projects done. Not mentioning that freelancers are basically business owners, they take their work passionately and motivated to provide quality projects on time and done accurately. When the project duration is over the company does not have to keep them on the payroll; it can resume cooperation again when another project arises. Such an engagement is better than having to lay employees off and leaving them dangerously exposed.


Time and money saving


In case you did not know how the freelancing model worked then you are perhaps not living in this century or you are living in denial. The amount of time and money telecom businesses gets to save is hard to ignore. To start with, it took hundreds of productive hours to recruit the top tier talent for the business needs. The time it took to post career opportunities, prospective employees send their resumes, time to go through the receive resumes, interview scheduling and holding, hiring time, adjusting time for the new employee to the new business culture. It was simply exhausting; before all the process is completed, the time allocated for a certain project would have elapsed. With platforms like FieldEngineer.com, all the company representatives need to do is sign up and with a few mouse clicks; you have the talent they are looking for. It doesn’t get better than that.




With the rise of the remote workforce, both the telecom companies and the freelance engineers have enjoyed freedom in different contexts but all the same refreshing. The companies get to minimize their cost, maximize their profits greatly and the telecom executives are saved from the agony of having to let go of employees. They also get to reduce hiring time by over 69{f4476e8704a7192a47fd36bc205113170a8a79f980b1948ff13ee0ded613204a}. The freelancers, on the other hand, get the freedom to work from the comfort of their homes, get to dictate their terms of employment and they earn a steady income.

By palmora