Marriage preparations have begun. Surely the couple has prepared several important lists that must be remembered and done. For women, finding a suitable dress is a long-awaited activity. But before that, make sure that you have done the following 4 (four) main things:

1. Do a wedding dress survey well before buying. Ideally do it 8 or 10 months before Day H. When the dream wedding dress has been found, there is still time to keep adjusting to your body’s condition. The plus size wedding dresses search that was carried out long before D-Day prevented the bride and groom from shopping and made spontaneous decisions without careful consideration.

2. Determine the budget in advance. If you like a wedding dress that exceeds the budget, try to consult with the designer or the seller, is there a similar dress or the dress is revised so that it can reach the appropriate budget.

3. Customize your wedding dress with the location of the event / wedding party. For example a party held on the beach would be a different wedding dress chosen from a party held in the ballroom. Whereas the bride and groom must also pay attention to the dress that will be used for wedding ceremonies. Maybe the location of the wedding ceremony encourages modest dressing, so it is not recommended to wear dresses with open or short shoulders, you must try plus size wedding dresses with sleeves.

4. Define your desires clearly. Believe it or not, the themes of romantic, classic, elegant and glamorous dresses have their differences and strengths. So convey your wishes in detail to the designer or the seller, including about your personality and style / taste of your daily dress.

4 tips on finding the dream wedding dress:

1. Personal design. You can make the dress as desired. This does not mean that you simply have to buy or order dresses that are targeted in magazines or at boutiques. You can still ask specifically to revise the design or change the dream dress according to your desires and personality.

2. Make an appointment with a boutique or designer, especially if you already know the desired dress and budget model and have had time to do surveys at exhibitions, magazines and online.

3. Know the latest promos that are ongoing so that you can shop with profitable discounts and benefits. Note also the most appropriate time for you to shop, satisfied choosing and consulted. Do not let you choose to shop at a busy boutique so that it does not get the attention of the seller or designer.

4. Avoid spontaneous dress selection. Choose as many dresses as possible to consider, don’t be afraid to choose something a little different or just try what is recommended by the seller/designer.

By palmora