“What is IPV6?” – this question is asked by many users who deal with them and simply cannot understand what the difference between ipv6 and ipv4 is and why both options are still used. Essentially, there is nothing difficult in understanding this since both protocols are the elements of the Internet and allow you to visit sites easily, receive information and carry out any other activity on the network.

To understand the principle of operation of Internet protocols, it is necessary to understand the technical intricacies. The Internet is built in such a way that each user is assigned to be an identifier in the form of a numerical value – an IP address.

The servers on which Internet resources are located are computers with large capacities that are connected to the network; therefore, along with the ordinary users, they have unique IP addresses, which ensure the interaction between users and sites.

With the development of technology, the Internet and devices, there has been a shortage in the use of addresses with versions of the protocol 4. This encouraged to create of a protocol with a large number of addresses, so IPv6 was developed. You can buy it on our website proxy-seller.com. It allows you to use about 300 million IP-addresses for each inhabitant of the earth, which is a huge number that be sufficient for using for decades. The cost of an IPv6 proxy is lower than an IPv4 proxy, this is due to the variety of free IP addresses on the sixth version of the protocol and the shortage of addresses of the fourth version.

In practice, IPv6 is a simple module that has a better structure and functional features. It represents a more recent version of the protocol that provides high-speed data processing and high security of the network surfing. But when you ask if to choose between ipv4 or ipv6 which is better? You will have a definite answer that IPv6 version is more advanced and new. The main problem with using protocol version 6 is that not all providers currently support it. Modernization of equipment for a new type of data transfer costs a lot of money, which significantly slows down the sending process.

This does not mean that you cannot work on an IPv6 proxy.

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By palmora