Back in the day, purchasing a printer used to be so much simpler. Nowadays, there are so many options available, that it becomes difficult to choose between them.To help you out, here are a few things to consider when buying a printer.

Whether your Epson WF 3640 Driverwill be used for personal or business use, it’s a good idea for your chosen printer to have certain common functionalities. If you use your Epson WF 3640 Driver  regularly and often, a need for each of these functionalities is likely to arise: 

Common Functionalities

  • All-in-one (fax,copy & scanner)
  • Color / 3D laser
  • Sheets per minute
  • Memory capability
  • Ability to print on various substrates

All-in-one printers have made life a lot easier for many individuals and businesses. This means you also save on buying one machine as opposed to 3. Space is also now a lot more plentiful, due to the various appliances all being combined in one.

Printer resolution is important when it comes to color printers. Resolution is simply the sharpness of the images. Resolution is measured in dpi. A printer that uses 600 dpi is considered good quality, a dpi lower than that is typically not considered to be that good.

A less expensive printer may print around 3-6 sheets a minute. A more expensive printer may have the ability to churn out much more. If fast printing is something that an office can not live without than it may be a good idea to choose a more costly appliance that can do the job faster. 

Memory can also be a much-needed feature in an office environment when it comes to printers. Most printers will come with about a megabyte of memory space. However, more memory can easily be added. The more memory the printer has, the faster it prints and the larger the images it can process.

Also, prints with tables, spreadsheets, and charts can be processed and printed at a much faster rate, when there’s ample memory. A typical office printer will normally have between 32-64 MB. 128 MB will be the amount for a color laser printer. 

Not everyone is familiar with the term substrate. It is simply the material that is being printed on. A substrate can be metal, concrete, or glass. When a business owner purchases a printer it will be beneficial to look at all the substrate options when it comes to printing. 

By palmora