The year 2020 has not been an easy one especially because of the pandemic. There are many reasons why you might decide not to travel during the Christmas season. It could be that you are positive about the COVID-19 and you know that it will be wrong for you to travel. Apart from government regulations to quarantine yourself if you are positive, you do not want to go and spread the virus to your loved ones. It might also be that you are scared that traveling will expose you to the risk of contracting the virus and hence you want to lie low for the year and observe how the next few months will be. You might have gone through ideas for a family Christmas gift and ordered gifts that would be delivered to your loved ones. However, you are also still interested in seeing them face to face and discuss with them. There are many video call options that you can use during the Christmas period to see your loved ones. Some of the video call options are discussed subsequently.


WhatsApp is an app that most people have on their phones today. It helps to make messaging with other people very easily. You could always send messages to your contacts through the app and they will reply. Only a few bytes out of your Internet subscription is required by the app, especially when you are sending a text. The app also allows the sending of pictures, videos, and documents as well as allowing its users to make audio and video calls. It is a free app implying that apart from taking out some bytes from your Internet subscription, you don’t have to pay any fee to the WhatsApp company to use their services. You could use WhatsApp to video call your family, friends, and loved ones during the festive Christmas period. It is possible to call up to 3 people at the same time with the app, implying that you can have a sort of video conference call. If every other member of your family were able to travel except you, you could just call one person and he would position the phone such that everybody can see you and you can see everybody. Alternatively, the phone could be passed around so that you talk to each person one after the other.


Telegram is a similar app to Whatsapp and is also used for sending text, pictures, audio, video, and documents. It is also possible to use Telegram for a video call with your loved ones during the festive period. All that is required is for both of you to have the Telegram app on your phone and have an active internet subscription. You can make calls without issues with the aid of the app.


Facebook is a popular social media platform that has hundreds of millions of users. There is a very high chance that you are on Facebook and most, if not all of your loved ones are on Facebook as well. If you are not, you can easily register. With no extra charge, you can place a video call to another Facebook user who is online. They will be able to pick the call and discuss it with you with little to no issues.


Zoom is another platform that has gained popularity during the lockdown. It is easily one of the best options for an official organization when it comes to organizing virtual meetings. If you want to call several people at the same time during the festive period and so that everybody can see each other and participate, you can easily use the Zoom platform. You would be able to have something close to a physical meeting with your loved ones. However, you will be required to pay some fees to make use of the app.

There are many other apps and platforms with which you can place calls to your loved ones during the Christmas season. You can read about more of them on US-Reviews before settling for which that will serve you best. You would want a reliable platform that will provide you with smooth video and clear audio. You also do not want the calls to disconnect abruptly and then having to try to reconnect again.

When you want to place the video call, it is important that you pre-inform them that you want to initiate a video call much earlier. You should also remind them about 10 minutes before the time so that they can be prepared. You do not want a situation where few people will miss the video calls because they forgot and then they are offline. You also do not want people declining the call because they are naked or in an environment where they can’t pick the call. In worst cases, there could be a situation where the receiver might not even suspect it is a video call and they will just pick without looking, only to find themselves on a video call with other people when they are not properly dressed or part of their private parts are exposed. Hence, it is very important that you pre-inform every one of the video calls, maybe a day earlier, and fix a time. Informing them if it is a call with you alone or with a group is very important. For instance, while your wife might feel comfortable video calling with you with just a plain light clothe on with underwear or even nude, she would not want to do the same when other people will be joining the video call. Hence, be sure to specify when informing them of the video call if it will be a private call between both of you or if other people will be joining as well as who the other people are. You should also be sure to remind them a few minutes before placing the video call.

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