The ZArchiver is a program that has been designed especially for archive management. That idea can easily be understood by the name of the app itself. Do you want to know more? Definitely. However, so far the ZArchiver is known to be the best 7Zip app. That is introduced by this name because of the features included in the ZArchiver. Currently, ZArchiver has gained more attention worldwide. Therefore altogether there are 100,000, 000+ have gathered around the ZArchiver. If you are not a user of the ZArchiver yet, this is your chance. Join the community and take an experience with it. That is only about a 4 MB sized app. The following reader can get an idea about the unique features of the ZArchiver. Here are them. 

 Apart from the features of the ZArchiver app here are some newly added functions. 

  • Fixed the small crashes of the ZArchiver 
  • Fixed the installation issue that has happened with the android 10
  • Addition of the plugin support 
  • Improved UI 
  • Addition of Zstd support 
  • Support the extraction functions 
  • Existed bugs have fixed

Now the reader is aware of the newly added functions for the ZArchiver. But there are main features too. 

Creating archives 

The main use of the app. ZArchiver has been created to create these archiving types. There are multiple archiving types. 

Simple interface 

Due to this reason any user can use this. Because it is really simple to understand. Therefore the understanding of the instruction is really easy. 

No permission to access the Internet 

The app hasn’t permission to connect with the Internet. Because of this restriction, the app can’t transmit any fact to another device or to another person. Although in the same way, the device can’t receive any external source via the ZArchiver. 

Decompressing the archives 

Decompress is required in archive management. Here the ZArchiver allows for the decompressing of multiple formats of archives 


The format of the archive is not affected by these options even. Any archiving content can be viewed by using this ZArchiver app. 

Password protection 

The users always expect safety each time. Here the ZArchiver is an app that is with the best privacy protection. Therefore at any time, if the user wants to assign the password protection that is allowed by the app. Create what you want on the ZArchiver. Then decompress it. Assign a password for the archive if that is required. 

Edit and multipart archives

After creating some archives, if the user has Forgotten to enter something useful, then again open that. If you have assigned a password, certainly enter the password even. Edit what you want. Another type that the creators of the archives want is the multipart archives. When you have started working with the ZArchiver, try these archive tools. Here are the all mostly required functions while working with the ZArchiver app. Apart from what was given in here, there are separate functions just like multithreading support and partial archive decompressing. It is really easy to work with the ZArchiver. Just try it. 

By palmora