Covid-19 has changed how everyone faces leaving the house. People around the world are now stuck at home, unable to go out to eat, go to the movies, or even see a sporting event in person. However, some cities are beginning to relax their rules and open up. If you are sick of being stuck inside, making all of your meals, you are able to go out to eat. Be sure to follow these rules to continue to stay safe, responsible, and Covid-19 free during these unprecedented times.

Keep Your Hands Clean

The most worrying part about leaving your house is that you are now being exposed to new pathogens. To combat any germs you are exposing yourself to, you have to keep your hands clean. Whether by washing your hands or using hand sanitizer, you have to continually do so while you are out. There is hand sanitizer for businesses and many places, particularly restaurants, have hand sanitizer throughout their establishments. This makes it easy for you to be out and keep your hands clean.

Wear a Mask

Be sure to wear a mask every time you are around other people. Wearing a mask and washing your hands are the number one ways to ensure you do not catch Covid-19. By wearing a mask over both your mouth and nose, you are prohibiting spit and mucus particles from flying out onto other people. Without realizing it, you can spray up to 3,000 particles by just laughing, talking, or singing. However, the most important reason to wear a mask is to protect others. Some people are asymptomatic or presymptomatic and have been exposed to and will test positive for Covid-19, but they have no symptoms and way of knowing they have it. For that reason, you should always wear a mask out, assuming you are one of the asymptomatic people. Only remove the mask when you are eating and drinking.

Stay 6 Feet From Others

The last tip is to social distance. This can be difficult and is hardest when you are assigned a seat in a restaurant. However, since you will have to take off your mask as you eat, it is important to be far from other humans. Spit and mucus particles can travel more than 6 feet from just breathing or talking without a mask on. Ensure you are at least 6 feet from another human without a mask and you should be safe.

Staying Covid-19 free and still going out to eat can be very difficult. However, if you are willing to follow these tips, you are more likely to stay safe and healthy.

By palmora