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IoT and cloud are a marriage made in heaven. This is because they both work towards one simple goal- boosting the efficiency of daily tasks. Which is why, a lot of tasks that cover multiple industries get covered. Many cloud hosting providers believe that with IoT, the speed of organizational efficiency has almost doubled, if not less. This growth can also be attributed to many a cloud hosting provider collaborating with startups and organizations that boost their resources from a ground level. As in, cloud suppliers install the best state-of-the-art equipment at their data centers.

To speak about the cloud and IoT fit, one needs to understand that both complement each other in a rather unusual way. For starters, cloud facilitates collaboration for web developers when it comes to building different applications by leveraging container systems. In addition to this, it makes use of big data just like IoT apps to further catapult the performance of devices and applications that are far and remote. This has made both cloud and IoT to walk hand in hand, and for every cloud hosting provider to make the most of this combination for their clients.

This article helps you understand why cloud and IoT are a good combination and what you can do to ensure that you take its advantage to build IoT apps.

1. Bridges the gap between devices

For any device in IoT to run smoothly, interdevice operability is key. Which is why it is important that the hosting solution runs at ease. With cloud, one can be rest assured because it plays the role of a bridge or a mediator of sorts between two devices. Cloud communications enable many strong APIs such as Cloudflare, to simplify connections between smartphones. This makes it easier for devices to talk to each other. This is essentially the IoT cloud principle. Moreover, one can also say that a good cloud hosting provider facilitates users if IoT with enough resources that boosts the speed and range of ioT based devices.

2. Simplifies entry for hosting providers

With cloud, hosting providers can engage in a plug and play model that essentially takes away entry barriers if any. This is because with cloud, hosting providers do not have to depend on large seized equipment that needs to be stored on premise. These heavy resources can cause storage issues. Moreover, for IoT deployers, cloud hosting providers can dedicate resources without disturbing applications stored within the server. As cloud allows hosting providers to enter with a ready-to-play model, cloud and IoT have jointly reduced entry barriers for hosting providers and companies.

3. Boosts security as well as privacy

The role of IoT in mobility harnessing is immense. If you take security away, cloud or IoT will find it of utmost difficulty to perform at the same level.  With preventive, detective and corrective checks, the cloud has produced IoT safer, thanks to the effort of many a cloud hosting provider. By offering efficient authentication and encryption protocols, it has allowed users to take solid safety steps. Additionally, IoT products have been able to manage and secure the identity of users with the assistance of biometrics. All this is feasible due to the safety of the cloud alone.

4. Facilitates processing capabilities at a remote level

Cloud as a technology enables IoT to move beyond standard devices like air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. This is because the cloud has such an extensive storage that it removes on-site infrastructure dependencies. With the increase in miniaturization and the transition from 4G to greater internet speeds, the cloud will enable developers to download quick computing procedures.


We hope you understand why cloud and IoT are a perfect fit for each other. In lieu of cloud, there hasn’t been any hosting as effective as the aforementioned that has given results as effective. In case you have any doubts, do let us know in the comments section below.

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