The modern model floor appeared in the mid-19th century in the form of linoleum. Ceramics also become industrial goods. In the Victorian era of England and the Cowboy era in America, wooden floors were also quite popular. Laminate flooring only appears in 1977.

In this modern era, it is full of minimalist house building because of its growing and dense population. Of course, various floor designs for minimalist houses have evolved. We can choose various floor design which is good for a minimalist house according to our wishes in

Here are some floor design options for a minimalist home that you can apply.


If you want an elegant interior look, there may not be a better choice than marble. Unique natural marble appearance, easily polished, to beautifully shiny.

However, you should pay attention to marble floor treatments. Marble is known to be easily scratched and easily tarnished by acidic fluids. The structure is also fragile. Therefore, you need to add the sealer layer after installing it.

For your minimalist home, you can try to choose white marble. The appearance will seem simple, clean, but also fancy. You can use it as a kitchen floor, a bathroom, or a homeroom area. Marble floors are also suitable to be used as a family room floor. To make it feel warmer, you can add a carpet on top of it.

Granite floor

If you want a natural stone floor in addition to marble, granite can be an option. The texture is good, giving a solid, natural, firm, but also beautiful impression. In terms of strength, granite does not need to doubt its toughness. Granite is also known for its waterproof and humid air. Like hardwood floors, granite floors can also be a choice of floors for allergy sufferers such as asthma or others. You can get a granite floor with rough finishing until smooth glossy.


For those who like the minimalist style and industry, the concrete floor is the right choice. Not only for the garage, concrete floors are also good for home interiors. In addition to finishing as a plain concrete floor, you can also add colors, add materials, add textures, to polish them until shiny.

Like the floor, concrete is very tough and easy to clean. If you add the appropriate sealer, the surface becomes waterproof. Concrete is also minimal treatment. You can use concrete as a basement floor, bathroom, terrace, and kitchen.

That’s 3 tips for your minimalist home floor to be gorgeous. Don’t waste your time a gorgeous bathroom is not just a dream.

By palmora