Having an eye problem does require you to wear visual aids such as glasses. Glasses are often the first choice because of the practicality and maintenance that are relatively easier than using contact lenses. However, wearing glasses will have an impact on the overall shape and appearance of your face. For that reason, we need the right shape of glasses according to the shape of the face. If you need eyeglasses, you can consult at the Optometrist Sutherland. They can suggest the best glasses that will look good on you.

Are you among those who use glasses? Here are some tips on choosing glasses according to the shape of the face, Check it out!

1. Square shape to suit your round face

Your round face may show cheeks that look swell. A wrong frame can make your face look wider. You should use square-rimmed glasses. Besides, you can choose a full-frame, or half full. Square frames can disguise your round cheeks

2. You can try oval glasses for the shape of your square face

The choice of round glasses for your square face will make the corners of your faceless rigid. Also, you can prioritize thin frames so your face won’t look full. You should use a frame that is wider than your cheekbones so that the corners of your face is no longer captured.

3. Use slightly rounded glasses and squares for your triangular face

The perfect frame for your triangle face is the thick frame at the top of the glasses so that your forehead does not appear narrow and look more proportional. Also, make sure the width of the glasses exceeds the cheekbones. Cat eye glasses are also suitable for triangular faces.

4. Round glasses can frame your heart-shaped face

Your chin that shows sharp angles you can be hidden with thick-rimmed glasses at the bottom. Choose glasses with a thick frame at the bottom of the glasses, so that the narrow cheekbones and jaws can be covered by a thick frame.

5. Decorate your oval face with large-rimmed glasses

The advantage of oval face shape is that you can use glasses with any frame. You can choose glasses according to your wishes. Both square and round-frame sunglasses is good for you.

By palmora