Shopping online sometimes annoying especially when you realize that the cost of shipping goods charged can make you more than the goods. Now, to keep your online shopping activities enjoyable, we will share 5 tips on how to save on shipping costs. Not only for buyers, but these tips may also be useful for sellers to start the business.

Collaborate with Expedition Services as a Partner

If you are a businessman who often uses the services of an expedition, immediately register yourself as an expedition service partner. That way, you certainly get some benefits that are not owned by ordinary customers, one of which is a cut in shipping costs. If you are doing business online and need expedition services, use the SPH Trans service. They cover interstate couriers Melbourne. For More information about SPH Trans service you can check this video

Paying attention to the size of the goods

In determining the tariff for goods charged to the customer, there are two methods of calculation. The first is to calculate the weight of the goods. The goods that will be shipped need to weighed first, then the weight stated will be multiplied by the rate per kilogram. The second way is to calculate the volume of goods. Goods will be calculated based on length x width x new height multiplied by the applicable tariff.

Make a Price Comparison

Freight forwarding services that you often trust probably not cheap enough. The types of services offered to customers also vary and the scope of the area varies. Therefore need to make comparisons of tariffs, services, and affordability of each expedition service to save on shipping costs. You will know it is cheap when you select a shipping company right a shipping bid on Shiply. You are guaranteed of the best rates in the industry, whether full load or less-than-load consignment.

Buy Unassembled Items

With the shipping cost calculation method above, we can make savings by buying goods that have not been assembled. For example, when we want to buy a piece of furniture, even though the item is light, the shipping cost can swell because the size of the furniture takes up space. To outsmart this, we strongly recommend that you buy furniture that still unassembled.

If Possible, Buy Goods in 1 Online Store Only

For example, you want to have a new set of work uniforms. Due to time constraints, you chose to shop online. You bought a shirt in store A, tie in shop B, pants in shop C, and shoes in store D, then what? Of course, you have to pay 4 times the shipping cost for each item.

If the illustration above feels familiar to you, it’s no longer a question how come your bank account immediately look different after just one shopping? Instead of going in and out of online stores and making repeated purchases, shipping costs can be reduced if you can find all your needs in one online store.

By palmora