Microsoft Teams Governance best practices lead to better ROI and an engaged workforce that is productive and efficient. We will also explore how TeamsHub by Cyclotron can help ease governance for administrators

Common Governance Scenarios

Let us explore some of the Governance problems specifically automated governance for Microsoft Teams

  • creating too many teams results in confusion and chaos on each Team’s intent and collaboration purpose. 
  • ge of time and effort occurs to find the right content if many versions of the same content exist across Teams.
  • users avoid adopting the system if they are not coached, trained or communicated about the purpose and the various business problems that it intends to solve.

Best Practice: Roles and responsibilities

TeamsHub by Cyclotron can help by automating provisioning of sites and providing an easy interface to assign roles and responsibilities for users through a single interface.

Best Practice: Permissions

Similarly, for each team the permission model for your organization can be created and managed from a single interface to help administrators be efficient.

Best Practice: Structure

Teams are organized by topics which in turn decides structure. It is the digital metaphor for an open office to encourage conversations, discussions and ad-hoc meetings and to share ideas and solve problems

Using standard naming conventions, blocked word lists and other features TeamsHub by Cyclotron can structure everything around topic or content.  The content becomes a Team and a topic can become a channel

Best Practice: Features

Also, do not neglect many of the seemingly simple but effective features. Always enable features that can increase engagement and collaboration. The majority of users seldom use advanced and powerful features.

Planning for and enabling as well as maintaining advanced features for use cases or business problems can be rolled out using TeamsHub by Cyclotron.

You can find more information on Microsoft Team’s Governance article

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