Barricades are essential parts of the road, especially at intersections. Not only do they reduce the number of traffic road accidents, but they are also useful in lowering the severity of crashes. That said, allow us to discuss some of the ways on how traffic barricades make intersections safer.

1. Ensures That Vehicles Won’t Be Running Off the Road

Road barricades ensure that vehicles won’t be running off the road, especially at intersections where traffic collisions are frequent. Although similar to road safety fences, obstacles are more durable to withstand high force impact.


Most are even designed to absorb kinetic energy from a result, and that’s why the use of traffic barricades is being implemented not only in the US but other countries as well to ensure the safety of motorists.

2. Serves as a Protection to Distracted Drivers

There are instances where drivers lose control while they are on the road– this could be due to severe weather conditions, drug consumption, alcohol, driver negligence, fatigue, mechanical failure, and the like.


These factors can contribute to serious road accidents and even death. That’s why it’s essential for the roads to be designed appropriately, and the use of barricades in intersections can reduce the occurrence of accidents. After all, has been said and done, the most important thing to avoid traffic accidents is to be alert at all times.

3. It Stops and Control the Vehicles Coming From the Opposite Lane

Road barricades are specifically designed to improve safety levels on the road and intersections by protecting the drivers and the vehicles during accidents. Usually, on the intersection, road safety barriers are positioned in the middle of the road as they are quite useful in stopping an out of control vehicle from entering the opposite lane.


Through this, direct crashes can be completely avoided. There are also situations where road barricades are placed on the side of the road to prevent out of control vehicles from getting off the road and being involved in a crash.

Likewise, barricades are also utilized to separate traffic flow from the work area– it could be the New Jersey type concrete barrier, but could also be water barriers.


As a rule of thumb, refrain from placing these barricades 90 degrees to the roadway. Barricades should also be made from reflective materials and they must never be positioned in the life of traffic without warning signs to accompany them. Channelization is one of the most popular techniques used with traffic barricades. It gradually reduces the width of the road and has been proven to be quite effective in improving safety. Aside from barricades, other traffic devices used for this purpose include pedestal flashers, barrels, and reflectorized chevrons.

4. Less Maintenance Necessary

Only minimal maintenance is required for road barricades unlike other forms of safety equipment, such as traffic safety signals. These barricades have been designed to last for at least 30 years with minimum maintenance costs. Not only are they durable, but strong enough that it could easily withstand high impact.

5. Reduce Traffic Jams and Congestion

As the number of car accidents goes down, we can say that traffic barricades also have a positive impact on traffic jams, wherein fewer car accidents mean fewer traffic jams. Just like what has been indicated earlier, traffic barricades could be used for years with minimum maintenance costs.


No need to worry about replacements or repair as these can be time-consuming most of the time, and often cause traffic delays. With traffic barricades, you don’t have to endure such limitation.


This ensures that there wouldn’t be any unwanted traffic problems on the road. The smooth flow of the traffic, as well as the safety of pedestrians,  are maintained.

Likewise, if there’s an ongoing construction project, these barricades will also serve as a restriction and keep not only the vehicles safe but the workers as well. The overall safety in the area would be guaranteed.

Final Words

The use of traffic safety equipment, like barricades, is significant, especially at intersections. Not only do they keep the motorists safe, but it also ensures a smooth running of the traffic, directing confused pedestrians, and just virtually keeping everyone safe from danger. For the drivers, their only responsibility is to follow these barricades as this will keep them away from trouble and accidents.


By palmora