8 Diet Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes in dieting often occur. Many people, in order to get their ideal body quickly, are willing to go on a diet that tortures themselves. They assume that by limiting food consumption, the fat in the body will decrease. In fact, a diet in this way actually makes the main goal of losing weight “gatot” aka a complete failure. It’s not that the body becomes slim and ideal, wrong in dieting actually makes the body sick because of lack of nutrients.

So, so that this doesn’t happen to you, consider some of the mistakes that dieters often make and you should avoid the following.

1. Avoid Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are indeed one of the nutrients that can make the body gain weight. However, the role of carbohydrates in the body cannot be ignored. Therefore, carbohydrates are important nutrients in the body’s metabolic processes. Lack of carbohydrates, can cause the body to feel hungry more often. As a result, the desire to consume snacks is even greater. This will obviously make your diet plan fail. Especially if the snacks you consume are not healthy.

2. Eating Too Much Nuts

Fruit and nuts are very healthy. However, if you eat too much of these two foods, or even make it as a daily staple, it will actually be the cause of weight gain. Therefore, many fruits and types of nuts contain high sugar levels. If what you consume is fruit and nuts with high sugar levels, and it is done continuously, it is guaranteed that you will gain weight.

3. Eating Too Much Protein Foods

Protein is really needed by the body in building muscle. However, consuming too many foods with high protein content can build up fat in the body. This will be made worse if you are not diligent in exercising. So, the stored fat will not burn and will continue to make you gain weight.

4. Too Trustworthy with Healthy Snack

Currently, there are many protein snacks or snacks that are claimed to be able to lose weight. By only relying on this snack as an everyday snack, you will not lose weight. In fact, if the healthy snack that you choose turns out to be not only high in protein, but also high in sugar, then it is certain that your diet program will fail.

5. Forget breakfast

Many people think that eating food in the morning is one way to lose weight. In fact, by forgetting breakfast, the body will tend to feel very hungry during the day and consume a lot of food. If not obeyed, then the body feels weak. Therefore, don’t neglect breakfast. Keep on consuming enough carbohydrates and protein in the body every morning, such as bread, eggs, and fruits.

6. Lack of time to rest at night

Night sleep is one way to keep the body’s metabolism in good condition. If you lack sleep at night (often staying up late), your body’s metabolism will slow down. As a result, you will feel hungry more often at night and eat larger portions. In fact, eating at night, especially in large quantities, makes the food content stored in the body because it is not used for activities other than sleeping.

7. Dinner Too Early

Many people think that dinner after 6 pm will make the body fat. In fact, this assumption is not entirely wrong if their bedtime is around 8pm. However, for those of you who are accustomed to sleeping at 10 p.m., advancing the time to eat before 6 o’clock will actually make the stomach feel very hungry before going to bed. Therefore, consider the exact time of dinner, according to your sleeping time.

8. Forgetting about drinking water

Consuming fruit juice is very healthy for the body. Lots of nutrients in it, especially if it is not mixed with artificial sweeteners. However, it does not mean that juice can replace water. The body still needs water intake to meet the daily needs of body fluids.

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