In this day and age it has become a norm to be bombarded with several kinds of advertisement both online and offline. In the past, traditional types of advertising such as banner advertisement has proven to be extremely useful and has been a great source of attracting traffic be it to a physical retail space or even to make a purchase online. Now, with the rise of social media and search engine advertising, the effectiveness of banner advertising has been questioned. However, today, many would still argue that this type of traditional method of advertising is still crucial in complementing a company’s overall marketing efforts. Therefore, if one is strategic in designing the banners and placing them at the right places, it can still be a great advertising investment.

Before you engage a company that specializes in wall banners printing, you should look at the different types of options available for you.

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners are great in reaching out to the masses. They are often placed outside buildings or at event spaces to capture the masses’ attention. Usually they are made out of high quality vinyl and are resistant to external elements. It is essential that you choose the right provider to ensure your banner is made out of good material so that the colours in your visual will not fade over time.

When used well, it can be a great way to inform passer-by on your campaign’s key messages. It can also be used to spark attention and create brand awareness or even aid in brand recall.

Indoor Banners

Indoor banners are another type of banners that used in conventions or trade shows. Indoor banners are useful especially if you already know a certain type of demographic or interest group that is normally patronize your space. Indoor banners should be used mainly for brand recall, or brand information rather than to create brand awareness. Unless your brand isn’t really well known, indoor banners are great to just inform passer-by that you are within their reach and to encourage store visit. They can also be used inside your store to promote your products or services.

Indoor banners have a certain touch point that outdoor banners do not have. In general, customers tend to be closer up with your indoor banners comparatively and thus your indoor banners can be more informative in nature. Note that your font size used on outdoor banners should be bigger, while indoor banners have more leeway to use smaller font sizes.

Banner Displays

Banner displays are common and easy to use in small event spaces. They are highly convenient and transportable. It can easily be transported to be displayed outside a physical shop or small retail or event space. It is used extensively in trade shows, event spaces and festivals. They are useful to provide a short summary of your brand’s Unique Selling Points (USPs) or brand messages, to entice customers to enquire with your staff directly. The reason why hanging banners are used in events is also because it is easy to be taken down.

All in all, it is important to think about your business objectives or campaign objectives and how traditional banners can help to meet your business or campaign goals.

By palmora