Having been ignored for the past few years, now wood charcoal is starting to attract the attention of many people. There are so many benefits of charcoal for home plants. Do you already know?

Although the world community has been using charcoal for thousands of years many do not know if charcoal is beneficial to agriculture, especially charcoal briquettes Indonesia. The results of research in Japan also prove that the carbon-containing commodity can be processed into various household products. Its properties are not half-hearted namely, for the health of the human body. There are several types of charcoal, namely briquette charcoal, rice husk charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, saw charcoal and others.

9 Benefits of Charcoal for Plants and Agriculture

Benefits of Charcoal for Plants and Agriculture

1. Air Ventilation

Don’t worry about throwing charcoal. Charcoal is an environmentally friendly material. The air can go in and out freely because charcoal has millions of smooth cavities. Because charcoal is a breeding ground for micro-organisms.

However, first, destroy it into several small pieces. After that, you can return it to nature.

2. Benefits of Charcoal for Plants and Agriculture That Are Not Easy to Weather

The benefits of wood charcoal for other plants are planting media that are not easily weathered. The use of charcoal for plants will be very safe from interference by fungus or animals that can be detrimental.

3. Buffering properties

One of the uniqueness of growing media from charcoal is its buffer nature. If there is an error in the provision of nutrients present in fertilizer, charcoal will be able to quickly neutralize it

4. Save a Lot of Water

The benefits of charcoal can neutralize the water content in the soil. Fertile soil must have the ability to store water so it does not dry quickly when dry music arrives and will not damp during the rainy season. Also, according to research in Japan charcoal can clear water.

5. Benefits of Charcoal for Orchid Plants

There are so many benefits of charcoal, especially coconut charcoal briquette in agriculture, Why do they use coconut charcoal growing media on orchids? Charcoal can make orchid growth areas with high humidity. Because charcoal doesn’t bind water in large quantities. Before used as a growing medium, ideally, the charcoal is broken into small pieces in advance making it easier to place it in a pot.

The size of these charcoal shards is very dependent on the container. For example, the container used for orchids has a diameter of 15cm or more, generally use charcoal shards that are 3 cm long, 2-3cm wide, and 2-3cm in thickness as well. For smaller containers, the size of the charcoal shards must also be smaller.

6. Able to Absorb Toxic Gases or Substances

The function of charcoal for plants turned out to be good for regulating air humidity. Charcoal can absorb odours, including gases, and toxic substances in the air. But you need 8 kg of charcoal for a room that is about 10-13 m2 wide.

Not only air, but charcoal can used as a regulator of humidity in the walls and floors of the house.

7. Neutralize Drinking Water

Besides purifying water, farmers generally use charcoal to neutralize drinking water,

Did you know, The method they use is very easy by putting enough charcoal into the bag and soaking it in a well or storing water.

8. Additional Materials for Making Bokashi

Acid substances in charcoal can used as additional ingredients for making bokashi. Pests and diseases that attack the bokashi plant will be restrained by charcoal.

9. Charcoal Can Keep Vegetables and Food Fresh

However, some of these plants need more care such as chilli, cabbage, tomatoes, cauliflower potatoes and others should increase the level of charcoal.

In Japan, the benefits of the best quality bamboo leaf charcoal are called “Kishu binchotan“. Kishu Bicnhotan is charcoal that emits high infrared rays with the function of spreading the aroma of cooking when grilled.

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By palmora