VPS Hosting has stood the test of time as it remains one of the favourite options among small and medium businesses who are looking to host their website. There are many VPS Hosting providers in India. However, one needs to understand the requirements of the website before taking the plunge. VPS Hosting works on virtualization principles where a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers. In this article, we would be dealing with one such resource which many people find difficult to calculate for their website. Yes, the bandwidth. New website owners often confuse bandwidth and the incoming traffic volume.

What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting?

Bandwidth, put simply, is the rate at which data that can be transferred from the hosting server over a given period of time. The bandwidth mentioned by hosting providers usually denotes the number of gigabytes that can be transferred over a month. The bandwidth requirement varies for each user depending on many factors. An e-commerce website or resource-intensive website may require higher bandwidth compared to static blogging websites. 

Calculating your bandwidth requirements

  1. Visitors: Calculating or estimating the number of visitors your website has per month. This is easy to find by using various plugins or online tools such as Google Analytics.
  2. Page-views per visitor: Using the same method, you should find out the number of pages each visitor goes through when they come to your website.
  3. Page size: Finally, calculate the average size of the web pages on your website. You may need to take the help of online tools such as Pingdom to do that.

Once you calculate all the three values, it is easy to calculate the bandwidth you would require per month. Simply, multiply the three numbers to arrive at the result. However, it is prudent to allow at least 10{ae514a3737d85ea64aeb2cb88bf523835c3e1315e3b3c65ffee7dd6cf13b9d2b} extra in consideration with expanding your website in the near future.

What is unlimited bandwidth?

These are mere marketing terminologies and providers offering unlimited bandwidth usually have a policy that determines the usage. Any deviation from the policy can inflict penalties.

Benefits of having higher bandwidth

  1. Better performance: Your website would be more reliable with a higher amount of bandwidth allocated for your website. It would be able to handle traffic spikes, especially during peak hours. This would prevent your website from lagging and going down every alternate day.
  2. Website speed: Higher bandwidth plays a great role in improving website loading time. Various data suggest that loading time of more than 3 seconds could drive away a majority of your potential customers. It directly impacts user experience and has the potential to make or break any business.


VPS Hosting is considered the mean between a Shared and Dedicated Hosting solution. It gives the appearance of using a Dedicated Server by making use of the virtualization technique. However, unlike Dedicated Hosting, VPS offers a pocket-friendly hosting solution for your website. Choose the best plan, based on your specific requirements, from the many VPS Hosting India providers. 

By palmora