Besides mobile phones, the use of computers is also necessary, whether it’s business or home. In businesses, it is used to save data, maintain a record of data and for daily routine work. In homes, we use the computer for assignments or other internet-related tasks. Over time, some issues arose like hacking of data, cybercrimes, and cyber harassment by hacking other data. To protect people’s data, software companies have provided such protection tools like spy apps.

Spy apps help people protect their loved ones or employees from harm by giving them full physical access over their computers. Then many computer spy apps continue to come into the market, but among the most reliable and efficient ones, the TheOneSpy is at the top.

TheOneSpy Computer Monitoring Spy App

TheOneSpy is one of the most popular spy apps in the market, which works with 100{ae514a3737d85ea64aeb2cb88bf523835c3e1315e3b3c65ffee7dd6cf13b9d2b} security and gives an accurate result in real-time. It enables the user to access all activities proceeds on a targeted computer. It proves to be a decisive app for parents, employees, individuals and spouses. It makes possible for you to watch all acts of the targeted user which you cannot a view by naked eyes. Its advanced features are the reason behind its popularity. Let us look at its unique features.

Features of TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy has over 250 outstanding features that work in stealth mode with no single stir. Here are some features for computer spying:

  • Window browsing tracker
  • Surrounding recorder
  • Incoming / outgoing email reader
  • Window location tracker
  • Computer Usage Report
  • History tracker
  • Computer camera photo tracker
  • Software/ apps usage time tracker

TheOneSpy Value for Customers

Besides these features, TheOneSpy gives value to customers by facilitating them with unique services.

  • Like the user can get a monthly, quarterly or yearly report of activities according to their package.
  • User can put mighty alarms on those specific functions, so when the targeted person will use them, you will get an instant alarm on a cloud account.
  • It gives a 14 day’s money-back guarantee.
  • If the user will face any problem during installation than TOS expert technicians gives free installation service.
  • It also gives 24/7 customer support services. You can ask your queries; their experts answer your problems satisfactory.
  • It gives discount offers on all packages and plans. Like these days, because of Christmas, it is offering to 90{ae514a3737d85ea64aeb2cb88bf523835c3e1315e3b3c65ffee7dd6cf13b9d2b} off on all packages and plans.

How does TheOneSpy help the user?

Let us see how TheOneSpy is helpful for people.

TheOneSpy cell phone spy app helps businesses to prevent employees from wasting time. An employer can watch if their employee gets involved in inappropriate activities like visiting unethical sites so the user can block it automatically. Management can evaluate employee performance by comparing it with previous performance. Or if an employee is leaking any secret data to an unknown person or competitor so the organization can take serious action against this activity.

TheOneSpy gives true parental control over the kid’s computer. So, parents can see Is the child has completed their assignment? Or they can track the kid is not seeing any wrong content. Parents can block inappropriate sites by sending a single command. If the kid is watching any sexual or harmful content on YouTube so parents can block that specific channel.

An individual can protect their own devices, so no one could hack their secret data, or no one could steal their computer.

A spouse can check on their partner if they have any doubt that partner is cheating on them so they can record their activities.

How can you get it?

If you’re thinking of adopting this technology, we tell you how you can easily use it.

First, go on a TheOneSpy website and select your suitable package and plan. Request for the subscription of the selected package. After getting a subscription, you will receive an email with all credentials. Read them and by following them, download and install TOS in a targeted computer.

After that, you can start instant monitoring from your cloud account.


We concluded that TheOneSpy is the best computer spy app that gives a solution to your problem by taking away your worries. It works smoothly with businesses, helping parents and others to protect themselves or their loved ones from harm. Over time, more people are adopting this technology to make their lives more comfortable.

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Cathy is a school teacher and digital parental geek, She’s also content writer and editor at spysmarts. She reads and writes excessively on subjects such as computer and mobile tips, software reviews, protecting oneself from the dangers of the online world especially targeting child protection and the guidelines for using different cellular applications.

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