Having information and technology infrastructure that can improve the operational functions of a company is an investment that is more valuable for every business institution.

The use of information technology to support businesses is growing faster. More than just support, the use of information technology is needed to provide better, faster services and is expected to increase efficiency.

Utilization of data centres, for example. Demands for data centre needs that are increasingly prominent from the CEO must improve the operational efficiency system, reduce business risk, and be flexible and fast to support changes in accordance with business needs.

In fact, some industry trends have a significant effect on IT, such as the development of devices built, the emergence of software-defined data centres, the emergence of cloud computing, the emergence of converged network, and the use of flash storage in certain enterprise applications.

In the midst of all these trends converging networks emerge. Converging networks are network-based services for solutions with switches and routers, wireless networks, WAN accelerators and optimizers, as well as VPNs and firewalls, and therefore many companies have to check their network systems.

Business Is Growing Fast with Converging Network Technology.

How does the CCNA Converged Network help companies move more aggressively in digital competition?

First, with the CCNA Converged Network, the infrastructure is integrated with a computer, storage and network functions in one device.

Second, CCNA Converged Network is able to simplify and quickly share workload both locally and remotely with VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance), which can be run on virtual machines for virtual SAN and NAS functions.

Third, it supports efficiency because it can save costs and management capacity, be flexible in transfers, and simplify storage management.

Now, business competition is getting sharper, while business is moving very fast. To support businesses faster, and more efficiently, CCNA Converged Network support is the solution.

By palmora