Each time a new tech gadget comes out, it’s fun to get one and see how it works. Whether it’s the latest Apple product, video game, or smart device, tech gadgets can be really fun.

They can also be dangerous. Sometimes, they can be deadly. And you can’t guarantee your safety by only buying popular brands. Any device has the potential to be dangerous.

For instance, you wouldn’t expect to be injured by a device made by a large company like Samsung, for example, but it happens. Remember when the Galaxy Note 7 batteries kept exploding? That’s just one example of how a tech gadget can be dangerous. Any phone can explode under the right circumstances.

In fact, lithium ion batteries regularly explode in devices like hoverboards and Nord phones.

Have you been injured by a dangerous tech gadget? Here’s why you should hold the manufacturer accountable.

Your medical bills will grow higher and higher with time

Medical bills grow fast. Just when it looks like you’re done with appointments, specialists, and tests, you’re sent to another doctor for yet another exam and/or bloodwork.

If your injuries are severe, you might even require physical therapy for a period of time, perhaps months or even a year. Physical therapy might be covered by your insurance policy, but some plans only cover the first handful of visits.

When you hire a products liability lawyer, they’ll know exactly how to negotiate a proper settlement amount for your injuries. It’s possible that your case will go to trial, but most personal injury cases settle out of court.

You might get punitive damages

If you’re the first person to win a lawsuit against a manufacturer for a specific defect, you could win punitive damages. Punitive damages are designed to punish the manufacturer and juries often award extremely high awards.

You won’t be eligible for punitive damages if someone has already successfully held the manufacturer accountable in court for the same product defect. However, if you were injured by a different defect, that’s a different story.

If you win punitive damages, you’ll have some extra cash to spend on anything you want. You can invest the money, put it toward the down payment on a house, or put it in your kid’s college fund.

Your lawsuit could save other people’s lives

Maybe you were injured by a product with a defect that has the potential to kill someone else. By filing a dangerous product lawsuit against the manufacturer, you’re playing an important role in protecting others.

If you win your lawsuit and the manufacturer is found liable for your injuries, they will be forced to fix the defect. This means they’ll have to recall the item and retail stores will be required to pull it from the shelves.

Lawsuits can force recalls

Manufacturers often need to be forced to recall their products. Usually, it’s the drug companies that refuse to recall their products after they’ve been linked to serious diseases. However, tech manufacturers are also guilty of not recalling dangerous products.

Sometimes companies recall one product while selling a replacement with the same problem. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled on September 15, 2016, but that hasn’t solved the problem of exploding lithium ion batteries.

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models are sold to Galaxy 7 owners as a replacement for their dangerous product. However, dozens of consumers have reported the new S7 and S7 Edge batteries overheating and exploding in the same manner, making the replacement just as dangerous as the original product.

Imagine how many injuries will be prevented when enough injured consumers win lawsuits over these exploding batteries? What if the Galaxy Z Fold 4 starts overheating? There will be a history established to make future lawsuits even easier for injured consumers.

When you pursue a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer for your injuries, you’ll be making a difference that can eventually force the manufacturer to recall their product.

You deserve to be compensated for your injuries

Holding someone accountable for injuries that aren’t your fault will help you heal. It won’t make your pain go away, but getting justice through the legal system will feel wonderful and will take a weight off your shoulders.

Most of all, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. You have every right to hold the manufacturer responsible for producing a defective product. With a good lawyer and a strong case, you’ll win the money you need to pay your bills and get back on your feet.

By palmora