Digital marketing is the latest trend today that a company or business owners must learn to use. Through this, marketing specialist will integrate their social media accounts to promote their products and services. Since this way is very popular nowadays, it would be easier for these establishments to convert viewers into potential customers. When this happens, expect to be more popular and increase in sales. Of course, this is also means that your marketer’s strategy is useful and effective. 

One of the social media applications that has been very popular online is Facebook. This is not just an application for social interaction, but for promotions and advertisements as well. A chatbot refers to an AI software, which simulates conversations with a customer using a language that you can understand like English. Indeed, a lot of companies are now using chatbots, which is actually a smart way of dealing with customers. Now, if you would also like to incorporate this for your marketing strategies, then you better check for inquiries and consultations about this function. 

What’s really amazing with creation is its capability to interact with human beings. Most consumers or clients tend to be quite impatient when it comes to waiting for a response, right? Through this chatbot’s artificial intelligence, you will be able to receive a reply. Let’s say that it is a representation of the question and answer system influencing the Natural Language Processing or NLP. So, you may even think of it as an answering machine just like what you usually experience when communicating over the phone. Anyway, you should know that you should know that this function will benefit you and your business in different ways. 

Customer Satisfaction 

In the first place, you are using this intelligent system for the sake of your customer’s satisfaction. I supposed, you will not be very interested with a chatbot if it can’t help you win consumers, right? So, with this function, expect for a greater satisfaction because of its 24-hour availability. Can you imagine an employee, who works in 8-hour shifting for instance. You will have to employ three people here while you only need one system in place of these three shifts. 

If you will notice, online transactions and inquiries are very popular today. Of course, those people are expecting immediate replies. If this query has something to do with purchasing your products, especially a complaint, then consumers would be very happy with the fast response time. 

It is frustrating, anyway to wait for answers because consumers are usually excited to learn more about the products and services they find interesting online. And so, entrepreneurs must understand and consider how customers will feel. Remember that very slow responses means that there is a big chance to lose this potential customer. 

Save Time and Money 

When it comes to hiring employees, especially those who will be assigned to customer services, it would be cheaper to use a chatbot. Anyway, your system’s cost will depend on its feature and complexity. This may range from 2,000 to 10,000 USD. You may look at this as a huge amount of money, right? But this can be used as long as you are not changing your policies. Let’s say that you may use it 24 hours a day, for more than 10 years without policy or term changes.  

Another thing, since this function is always available, you won’t be bothered about customers getting frustrated because of the response time. Through this, you can’t prevent from losing potential customers. Answering through chat is automatic, anyway. Therefore, this may increase your productivity and decrease costs at the same time. Click here to review the statistics on the use of chatbots in business. 

And then, when bugs are encountered, just leave it to the experts for free services. And most IT experts, who develops a program for chatbots, usually provide free upgrading services. You do not need to hire other people and fix the errors because that will cost you more. Since they were the programmers, they can easily locate and correct the program. 

Customer Engagement 

You will notice that because of this smart system, customer engagement will greatly increase. When you are in the business industry, it is very important to keep the consumers engaged with the product, services and the brand. Do you know that because of this function, a customer may increase his spending by 20 – 40{ae514a3737d85ea64aeb2cb88bf523835c3e1315e3b3c65ffee7dd6cf13b9d2b}? This only shows that a chatbot is contributing a lot in your business. That is because using this function makes your marketing strategy is about interactivity. 

Now, if you are going to compare a conventional with an interactive form of customer service, then more people will go for the interactive. With the conventional, you will just get information and that’s it. Of course, people will rely on the interactive one because that’s the trend nowadays. Here, chatbots also provide information, but that will depend on the flow of the conversation. 

Messenger Applications 

You are surely aware about the trends today as well as the use of social media platforms, such as, right? As observed, Facebook Messenger rapidly increased its download not only for communication purposes, but also for receiving product updates and sending verifications or orders. This only shows that these applications had been a very useful tool and a bridge for companies to reach their potential customers, who are active in messenger apps.  

I guess, marketers believe that when consumers can’t come to you, then humbly reach them out. Everybody spends more time in social media, anyway. Therefore, being a part of their social community would be a good way to introduce and promote your products and services. How much time do you spend on messenger applications and can you manage a day without an access to your social media accounts? 

The best part of incorporating social media like messenger apps in your business is that, you will be reaching out a broader viewer. In my opinion, this is one of the best marketing strategies that is very much applicable in today’s generation. 

By palmora