Sworn and Authorized Translator is a USA Translation agency company that has passed the Translator Qualification Exam by the US Government and is declared entitled to an Authorized and Sworn Translator certificate. The best USA translation agencies such as kingsoftranslation.com are sworn in by the Governor or an Officer who is trusted or appointed to perform the oath.

Sworn translations is believed to be able to translate documents according to their original contents by affixing their signatures, stamps, and seals.

Products And Services

Some of the services that many people need and are provided by Translation agency USA will be listed here

Spoken Translator

Verbal translation is often required in several events, for example, meetings, presentations, exhibitions, and other non-technical activities. This translation is also called quick translation (sight translation), so that the oral translator (interpreter) is not only required to master the source language and target language, to be able to think fast is also required.

In practice in the field, in general there are 2 interpretation techniques, namely:

1. Simultaneous – The interpreter translates into the target language as quickly as possible, while the speaker/source language continues to speak.

2. Consecutive – The interpreter speaks after the speaker/source language has finished speaking

Font Setting & Editing

Amongst Translation agency USA’s advanced services as one-stop document handling, it also provides clients with typesetting and document editing which gives customers more value. This is one of Translation agency USA’s commitments to help you save your precious time for other more productive activities instead of wasting it on the simple task of typesetting and editing.

Are you working on a report, proposal or paper? Or are you not sure about your translation result? Feel free to contact the best USA translation agency like kingsoftranslation.com. kingsoftranslation.com language experts with excellent grammar from any discipline are at your service.

Why You Should Use Our Services kingsoftranslation.com

  • Reliable – Delivers What It Promises
  • Responsive – Work on time
  • Convince – Convince customers of your skills and competencies
  • Empathy – The ability to acknowledge the other party’s emotional statements
  • Real – All things in the environment can affect the impression on customers

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