If you are looking for Apartments Residence near Bangkok airport, you can check out some of the best in the area for example like Aetas Residence. Aetas Residence has a strategic location close to the city center. with a very convenient location and services offered.

This property has many rooms and can accommodate many people if you are going to a long-stay residence in Bangkok, Aetas Residence is the right choice for you. You don’t need to worry that the rooms will be full because they are booked and you can be sure to find a room for your comfortable stay. Aetas Residences wants to show its customers how important customers are to them. This is why they have a culture and methods that are very systematic and smooth in carrying out their business activities. They make sure that the customer feels comfortable when he lives with them. Aetas

This famous attention to detail in every area of ​​the building. Customers are treated with the utmost respect and warmly welcomed when they enter the building.

Room and service

The accommodation and related facilities at Aetas Residence are very high quality. The rooms are very spacious and well-maintained. The bed and materials used in the room are very stylish. Different designs and patterns in different rooms will give you a feeling of luxurious living. Aetas Residence also gives all its customers several useful facilities and amenities. There are many rooms including a studio suite, a one-bedroom suite, a two-bedroom suite, a three-bedroom suite, a four-bedroom suite, and a penthouse-duplex suite. If you want an exclusive suite for yourself, you can choose to order one of them too. The room interior is very comfortable and pleasant to suit your needs. You can also use all the modern facilities provided.

Other services

Aetas Residence near Bangkok airport offers other free services that will surely make you excited. There is a business center that is equipped with all modern facilities. Aetas Residence will also provide a fitness center, swimming pool, and library facilities. Not only that you can use the high-speed internet available in all rooms to explore the internet.

Online ordering

You can also make online reservations at Aetas Residence by visiting the website https://residence.aetashotels.com/. For all your accommodation needs, you can check the rates that apply to each different room type. You can place an order very easily by selecting the date where you want to live there and by making a payment.

By palmora