Of course I started out just looking for money to get me through college and I was thinking about all of the usual stuff, delivering pizzas and flipping burgers. None of it pays that well, but it is the sort of job that you can get if you are my age and have no work experience. A friend of mine told me about this guy, but I thought it was a joke. At any rate I showed up and he gave me the job without any vetting at all. He talked about something called bitcoin revolution app and tried to figure out how much I knew about computers. In fact I know quite a bit and I can build a computer and repair one as well. This pleased him, although the job was mainly washing his cars, doing yard work and cleaning the pool. There are a lot of other things too, but those are the main ones.

Now he has eleven cars that run and he is working on another three that he intends to get running. Aside from that he has another four cars that he is cannibalizing for parts. I did some of that as well, and in the afternoons he will put on a pair of coveralls and start to work on his cars. Some times he will stay up until early in the morning. My mom got really mad and she pretty much cursed him out after she figured out where he lived. It is not so easy for him to keep from laughing at her, but he told me that he thought it would have been a really bad idea. At any rate he is paying me extremely well and in cash. I would not be allowed to work this many hours in a normal job either.

By palmora