Women are unique creatures. Because all beauty is in women.

But many also say that women are creatures that are difficult to understand. Cheerful today, it could be sad tomorrow. No wonder some men are often confused about women.

But actually, making a woman happy is not a difficult thing. Enough with attention and flattery, women will feel happier. Paying attention to a woman can also give her her favorite gift, but don’t choose the wrong gift. Find out what gifts women expect the most, here is the description:


Some women really like dolls, as well as flowers and chocolates. Dolls can be friends when a woman is sad or when she is missing her lover. The type of doll that is often used as a gift is a large Teddy Bear. Why is it so big? Because women can make him friends while sleeping and hug him. Especially with the soft hairs all over the doll’s body, making women hug him more and more often.


Another interesting idea is to give pets to women. Previously, first find out what his favorite pet is. Is a cat, dog, or other pet if cute and funny. But keep in mind, don’t give this gift if a woman has allergies to fur or animals.

Cosmetic tools

It is only natural that women like to dress up. Providing cosmetics to women can be done, as long as you know clearly the type of cosmetics she usually uses. Women are classified as being picky in choosing what cosmetics to use. Because each woman’s skin type is different, first pay attention to her skin type. Don’t give her cosmetics that don’t match her skin. To be on the safe side, just give her some cosmetic equipment which is definitely more useful. Like a set of brushes, hair rollers, straightener, curlier or other cosmetic tools that are currently needed by him.


Women always want to look stylish and fashionable. It is more advisable to give him work clothes rather than casual clothes. Adjust to personality and what is needed, usually women will open up when they want certain things. Gift her clothes with the style and type she wants


Did you know that there are some things that have a bad myth about breaking up if they are given to a partner. In addition to the handkerchief whose myth causes the relationship to end, it turns out that perfume is also said to carry a bad myth. If a handkerchief is a symbol of wiping tears due to a breakup, the reason why perfume becomes a breakup isn’t clear. While some people believe in the myth that giving your partner perfume will make a relationship last long, there’s no need to worry. Because women are very concerned about appearance, he will definitely like it if he gets a gift in the form of a perfume with his favorite aroma.


Like men, women also love to wear watches in their daily life, as well as to support their appearance. First, pay attention to the details of the watches provided, because women are very careful in choosing items. Does he like digital type clocks or clockwork models (analog). Also adjust to his favorite color. If you are not sure what color he likes, it’s safer to choose a neutral color that goes well with any color of clothes. These neutral colors include black, brown, white and gray. For those of you who want to buy this watch, you can read the koretrak reviews first.


Almost all women will be happy if they get a branded bag from their partner. But that does not mean that men have to give expensive branded gift bags with a price range of millions. Adjust to your needs and financial conditions. The types of bags that are generally preferred by women are simple ones with neutral or bright colors but still beautiful and elegant so they can be used for various occasions.


Like clothes, shoes are also a favorite gift for women. Choose the shoes that fit best and are appropriate to wear. Find a shoe size that matches his foot size. It would be even sweeter if it included the words “like this shoe, I will always accompany your steps and your days”, then wrap it neatly with a ribbon. Women will definitely be more touched and proud to have a man who is romantic and understands his needs.


There is a saying that “diamonds are the best friend to women”, but that does not mean men have to give diamonds that are shiny and expensive. Whatever the type, women will be very happy if given a gift of jewelry, even if not diamonds. If a man is ready to commit, giving a ring and asking for his hand will make a woman very touched and happy. Because jewelry is very personal and elegant. Any woman will be very flattered

By palmora