So we’re gonna talk about the difference between the web, the internet, the dark web, and the deep web. However, in order to talk about all of these things and figure out why they’re different, we need to start with the basics of the web and the internet because most people confuse those as well as confusing the deep web and the dark web and how they’re different.

Essentially, we’re just gonna try and figure all that out today in this article.

What is the internet?

The internet is the physical connection of all the computers that are joined together across the world that’s probably the easiest way of looking at it. It started off with ARPANET in the late 60s which was a few research agencies getting together to connect their computers from a long distance.

This is when computers were huge things in massive rooms. The ARPANET then graduated to the NSFNET, which was the National Science Foundation net. This was all the universities connecting together into a bigger network and then that eventually, at the start of the 90s it became the internet.

When you connect to the internet from your home, your computer simply connects to the internet. It then becomes one of the many other computers (nodes) on the internet.  Therefore, when you see a picture of several computers joined together in a network and the network is the lines between them to

When you’re at home and you turn on your computer and it connects to Virgin Media or whoever, you simply crop up on the internet and then it connects you to one of the computers. Suddenly you’re part of the whole big internet network that you may not even be aware of or think about.

Now, every computer on the internet has what’s called an IP address. This is an address which is unique to that computer on the internet. When your computer connects to the internet, it gets its own IP address, which is basically its home address in the cyberworld.

If you want to know what that is, you can just go to Google, type in “IP address”, and Google helpfully tells you “your IP address is this”. All the computers have this unique address, and it’s like a sort code for a bank, as in every branch of a bank has a unique sort code.

When you are sending money, it goes to the address based on that sort code. Likewise, every computer has this IP address on the internet and it allows computers to know which exact computer they’re talking to when they’re asking for information.

The World Wide Web

When you connect to the world wide web, you using a specific piece of software called a browser to request information from another computer. For example, if I want to visit Il corsaro nero, I would search on something like Google using what is called a browser. That is Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari. You will already be using one of these pieces of software to connect to the internet.

Now to differentiate the World Wide Web from let’s say a standard file transfer we would need to break protocols. A protocol, as you may well already know, is a set of rules. On the internet there thousands of protocols used by many different software programs that are not part of the World Wide Web.

For example, a simple file transfer software application does not need to access the World Wide Web. It just needs to know the IP address of the computer it wants to make the transfer with. The software should be installed on both machines in the file transfer transaction. Then, the transfer is then done as long as both devices’ software programs use the same protocol that allows them to communicate.

Now the World Wide Web uses its own protocols via the browsers such as Safari and Chrome. People install websites on their computers that can be accessed and shared by protocols used by browsers. Therefore effectively the World Wide Web is governed by software called browsers that can use the same protocols to transfer information. And we all have browsers, don’t we?

Now if I want to watch corsaro nero then all I need to do is open my browser and find a website that offers me this channel through a browser. As I am using a browser to ask how to get corsaro nero, then only results that contain the ability to access a corsaro nero website will show up in the results.

By palmora