According to research, some of the best budtenders (the medical cannabis dispensary workers) had their industry start in the retail or service industries. However, it is always important that they have the industry certification for better business. When your marijuana store or dispensary needs to hire a new member to their staff, you never always have the workers who love marijuana. Having passion in this industry is good. Your industry has its implicated culture and guidelines developed for better business. If you find people walking out of your business happy, it means the person who served them has more than just the knowledge of marijuana. The guideline below can help you hire the best in the industry.

1. Look Outside the Industry

When hiring the medical cannabis dispensary workers consider outsourcing from outside the industry. Those with account management, customer service, and in the food industry that assist people directly can be a great choice. These are the individuals who are more likely to strive and come between you and the solution to the business with the clients. Those who are out of the industry have the best opportunity to develop skills for people to benefit. Those people will take this opportunity as a fair chance to offer the most sophisticated customer experience levels.

2. Follow Up References

When calling for an employment reference check, every state has different regulations. It is, therefore, ideal to ensure you don’t break any rules according to the state. When speaking with references, ask about punctuality and reliability. Ensure you also confirm the reaction of the person towards clients as it affects your customers directly. Ask if the person used to perform their duties to the expected standards of about their sick days. This action determines the suitability of your candidate. You can also verify the employment dates as they determine their steady work histories.

3. Consider their Skills before their Devotion to the Industry

As it is stated above, industry devotion and passion should be one of the few things you must check to determine the person’s devotion. However, it should not be the reason you can either hire or dismiss the worker. You can love an industry where you don’t work.

Hire the people who have a record of accomplishments to follow the rules in your industry as stipulated in the code of conduct.

This is because your license will be revoked if the person breaks the rules in your business premises.

4. Information Retention

Every dispensary, whether medical or recreational, has a particular menu. There is also an importance of the general industry knowledge that the prospective worker must have before they enter the industry. While that experience is a plus in the hiring process, it is a new thing in other states. This means that the person’s experience may not be available for scrutiny. You can also look at how they retain the menu as a way that shows they are passionate about the industry. This action will lead you to hire the best in the industry.


By palmora