For some people, t-shirts are not just casual clothes that are as simple as they are. T-shirts have become objects that are attached to a person’s personality. Simply put, the t-shirt has become a symbol of identity for the wearer. Not surprisingly, because of the potential that he has, t-shirts have turned into a promising business commodity. Many are curious about how to start an online t-shirt business

The t-shirt business has been chosen because it is very popular and does not require high costs to start. What you have to realize is that the t-shirt business is a business field with very tight competition. To be able to win the competition, you need to create a t-shirt design that can differentiate you from other t-shirt business people.

Now the question is, how to start a right t-shirt business? There is no right and wrong in business. And the good news for you is, you don’t need to spend too much capital to create your own t-shirt business.

If you already have your own design that is ready to sell, you can start a t-shirt business in just a matter of hours. You can start by creating your own online shop. and make sure you have determined your target market before starting a business, please visit the website here lead conversion squared

Before starting a t-shirt business, there are a few steps you must take before your business can actually take off. There are 5 steps on how to start an online t-shirt business. What and how are these steps? Here’s the explanation:

Choose a niche / theme

The first thing you should do when you start a t-shirt business is to choose what kind of t-shirt theme you want to sell to consumers. The choice of this niche is important to make you different from others. By choosing a specific theme, you can easily attract market attention to find the right target consumer.

Finding the right niche for an online t-shirt business is not an easy job. Therefore, you can use several methods to be able to find inspiration for your t-shirt business niche.

Visit leading online community forums and observe what interactions are taking place.

Using insight features on your respective social media. But to be able to do this, you will have to upgrade your social media accounts to business accounts.

Taking into account what’s happening in your community can also be a means of getting inspired.

Choosing t-shirt material and printing method

how to start a t-shirt business

Not all t-shirts are of the same quality. While we all understand, quality really determines the satisfaction of your t-shirt users. So it’s very important to learn and choose t-shirt material that suits your target market.

Choosing a quality t-shirt must consider several factors. Such as fit, material, softness and weight.

As for the selection of printing types, in the garment world, there are at least three types of printing known. As someone who is going to be in the t-shirt business, of course you have to know what the difference is between the three. The following are three types of t-shirt printing:

Screen printing

Screen printing is an outdated and timeless technique. Also known as screen printing, this method is one of the most popular ways to print t-shirts. This method produces durable and long-lasting results.

Although it offers durability, screen printing has the disadvantage of being unable to print shirts with complex designs of up to five colors.

Heat transfer

The second type of printing is heat transfer. This method has also been around for a long time. Heat transfers make it easy for you to print your own designs at home. Many call it plastisol sublime.

Heat transfer has the advantage of its ability to print shirts according to the number of requests. Even only units. Only heat transfer has some drawbacks. As if it did not last long, heat press machines, which were mostly expensive, reached millions of rupiah.

Direct to garment (DTG)

The third printing method is direct to garment. This printing method is similar to the way a printer machine works that we usually encounter. DTG prints ink directly onto the t-shirts, and produces images with complex and accurate colors.

It has a quality equivalent to screen printing and better than heat transfer. It is suitable for small t-shirt businesses because it is cost effective.

Make a t-shirt design

In the t-shirt business, design has a crucial role in addition to material selection. Because in general, potential consumers are interested in buying t-shirts because the designs are sticky and sufficiently represent their identity. This design includes a graphic or a slogan printed on the t-shirt.

If you are having trouble finding ideas about your t-shirt design, there is nothing wrong with visit some of the leading design websites for inspiration. Some of these websites include Teeview, Zazzle, and Redbubble Popular. You can also use Google Trends to find out what the public is currently talking about. There is no need to make complex designs, because in fact, many best seller t-shirts have a simplel design. The key is to build interactions to know what consumers want.

Test your t-shirt design

After all the t-shirt designs are ready, you can try to apply the design to image processing software. You can use software such as Adobe Photoshop and create mockups that look similar to the print version.

If the design gets good feedback, you can test the market by spreading your design across multiple platforms. For example, by sharing some of your design materials on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And because as a market test tool, you must be wise when you hear the response.

Create your own online shop

After all the designs are ready, market tests have received positive responses, and the design finalization has been carried out. It’s time to create your own online t-shirt shop. To start an online t-shirt business, you can start with Jejualan online shop services.

By palmora