Pain in sensitive teeth can also be a signal that there is a problem with your teeth. Sometimes symptoms of sensitive teeth can have an impact on other complications in the mouth. For example, one of the symptoms of sensitive teeth is cavities or dental caries. If not treated immediately, there is a risk of infection in the gums, jaw, and other areas such as the neck and head.

Various Problems To Watch Out For Through Sensitive Teeth

If you experience pain in your teeth when you eat cold food, you are most likely experiencing the following dental problems.

  • Loss of Tooth Email

Tooth enamel is the outer layer that protects teeth. This layer can be eroded by a plaque from food scraps. When the tooth enamel starts to disappear, there is no longer any protection on the inner layer of the teeth so that the teeth become sensitive.

  • Gingival Recession (Sagging Gums)

The habit of brushing your teeth too hard can cause injury to your gums. This condition makes the roots and nerves of the teeth not completely closed. As a result, the nerves and roots of the teeth are exposed, causing the teeth to feel sore easily.

  • Cavity

Tooth holes that are left gradually without treatment can creep into the inner part of the tooth called the pulp. In this condition, the pain is not only caused by the temperature of the food but also by sweet foods. Sensitivity to hot food is also caused by cavities but is a result of tooth abscesses, fractures (cracks), and deep cavities.

  • Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is a condition characterized by a buildup of pus in the tooth as a result of infection.

  • Tooth Fracture (Cracked)

The habit of grinding your teeth while sleeping and eating foods that are too hard can crack your teeth, making them prone to sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth can be experienced by anyone. Generally, people with sensitive teeth have a vulnerable age of 20-50 years. However, according to research, currently, two out of five young people experience sensitive tooth pain. If you are one of them who has sensitive teeth, you must take special care so that the pain does not come back at any time when eating.

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