Important Things Before Buying Liquid Vape, Pay Attention to the Nicotine Level

Along with the development of the times, now smokers are not only provided with a choice of conventional cigarettes but also electric cigarettes commonly called vape. Where reportedly, smoking with vape or electric cigarettes is claimed not to be as bad as conventional cigarettes in general, so a vape especially the Cheap Vapes might be chosen by smokers as an alternative.

Electric smoking with this vapes also cannot be done haphazardly. There are things that must be considered when buying a liquid vape. If you are looking for premium vape juice flavors from the best brands, you can find it at Cheap e Juice.

Here below is a brief description of what things should be considered when buying a liquid vape.

  1. Taste

The choice of liquid vape flavors is unlimited, e-liquid producers continue to innovate by presenting flavors that are certainly in accordance with the tastes of the users. Do you like fruit? Do you like a minty taste? Or do you want chocolate and coffee? Just say it! So, when you buy an electronic vape juice liquid for a vape device, look for the flavor that feels most satisfying. Choose something that has a high taste so you can have a pleasant experience. As a tip, if you’re new to vaping, try different flavors and see which one has the best taste.

  • Nicotine levels

Speaking of nicotine levels, this is said to depend on how strong it feels that we want it. Typically, people who have become heavy smokers but have decided to switch to vaping begin with strong nicotine levels such as the salt Nic juice. The nicotine level itself is strong, moderate, and even mentioned that there are e-juices that do not contain nicotine. For those high in numbers from 18 mg to 36 mg, the medium ones are in the numbers: 9 mg to 16 mg for casual smokers who usually consume half to one pack of cigarettes per day. Then there are the low, at the level of 6 mg to under 6 mg for light smokers who usually consume less than half a hunched cigarettes per day.

  • Security

One of the most important things you should check when making an e-liquid purchase is its safety. Avoid cheap products that might be distributed on the black market. Before buying something, you must ensure that the products are from licensed or recognized manufacturers.

  • PG and VG

E-liquid consists of Propylene Glycol or also called PG, Vegetable Glycerol or also called VG, or a combination of both them. The PG gives more flavor but will produce weak steam. VG is thicker and has a rather sweet taste so it slightly reduces the taste, but produces a very large cloud of steam.

The common PG and VG ratio = 40:60, and many of the vape users mentioned are satisfied with a taste and amount of steam produced from this mixture. However, there are people who are allergic to PG. Therefore, if you feel itchy or have difficulty breathing after evaporating a mixture of pure PG or PG, it may be necessary to get a mixture of pure VG or at least, e-liquid with a mixture ratio of 80 percent VG and 20 percent PG.

  • Effects in the throat due to ingredient content

Commonly called “throat hit”, it refers to the feeling of smoking with a cigarette when you touch the back of your throat. This taste effect can also be found when evaporating, but it really depends on the type of e-liquid chosen and the nicotine level (8 mg level) to 16 mg. The content of additives in e-liquids, such as alcohol, cinnamon, menthol, and Capsaicin (chemicals that make chili feel spicy) are said to also contribute to the effects of pain in the throat. E-liquids with more Propylene Glycol can often give a bigger ‘kick’ in the throat while vegetable glycerin can create a greater vapor cloud.