Nowadays there are many people who are happy and fond of using an instant messaging application for their chatting needs. Using this instant messaging application is indeed very easy and satisfying because they can send and chat practically and inexpensively.

But apparently behind the comfort and convenience that exist in this instant messaging application, there is a gap that can be exploited by some elements to hack and hijack your account. This situation is of course very unfavorable to you because your privacy and security are disturbed.

Digital communication services that are safe and protect privacy are the needs of users. Therefore, actually this instant messaging needs to be updated to continue to prioritize the safety of its users.

Related to this problem, the public should care about the security of the instant messages used. For this reason, a super safe chat application, Pinngle Safe Messenger, appears. Pinngle is the best secure messenger app that offers voice calls, free messaging, video chat, and also the public channels with good quality and its worldwide accessibility.

Then what is the Pinngle Safe Messenger recommendation application that certainly can’t be considered just any of this actually? Following the review.

A private and safe messenger

Pinngle Messenger is the best safe messenger. It has better security to block hacker attacks. This chat application is arguably able to make users safer when exchanging messages and calling someone. There is no hacking of message information or voice tapping.

In this Pinngle Messenger application, even the developer cannot hear the conversation or read the user’s message, none of them can include others. Whatever is in Pinngle Messenger will be encrypted continuously because it uses end-to-end encryption and is painstakingly boiled to ensure communication security.

Can work everywhere

Pinngle Messenger has no limits. Pinngle Messenger can be used by anyone, with any device, in any corner of the world. Even in countries that block voice and video calls. Pinngle Messenger was also able to resolve the efforts of any country to block it.

Available channel features or broadcasting

The channel or broadcasting feature allows users to send one-way messages to all members of the channel. Pinngle Messenger has a broadcasting feature called Pinngle Public Channels. Therefore, Pinngle Messenger can also be used by online shop sellers to sell and publish their sales.

Cheap virtual numbers and international calls

Pinngle Messenger can be used to communicate continuously with people. Because Pinngle Messenger was created as a free messaging application that puts people first.

Pinngle Messenger is a free messenger that connects users around the world with instant messaging, voice calls and video chat. Pinngle Messenger strives to create a better-connected world by offering cheap virtual numbers and international calls.

Works perfectly well on slow internet

Pinngle Messenger seeks to unite us to change our community and our world. Nothing should be done in between. For this reason, even Pinngle Messenger was created to be able to work even in places with poor internet connections. Of course, this is a distinct advantage when you are in a state of emergency in places where the internet connection is down.

By palmora