Office design is one of the factors that make us more productive at work.

To be productive it is indeed necessary that the name intends and implements high discipline, but external factors also influence. The workplace design below not only aims to increase productivity but also makes employees feel at home working.

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Psychology of office color shades

Wall color will certainly give a different psychological effect depending on the color. For example, red is an aggressive color that creates anticipation and tension, so if used as necessary it can help improve morale in the pursuit of deadlines. Blue, pink and green have effects that tend to be relaxed, perfect for a break room.

However, there is no effective color for everyone. Experiment with different colors for different rooms and test their effectiveness.

Different aroma, different atmosphere

Stinging perfume must be avoided in a professional environment, but certain scents can affect the ability to focus and mood of employees. For example, the aroma of lavender provides a calming effect, the aroma of pine increases the sharpness of focus, and the aroma of orange makes the environment feel fresher.

Choosing one scent for the whole office is difficult, there may be individuals who are sensitive to certain fragrances. Test with different scents in some rooms, for example, a soothing aroma in the break room, but make sure the aroma is not too sharp.

Private space for individuals

Open space offices without barriers have become popular in recent years because they are seen as supporting the effectiveness and efficiency of communication and also bringing all employees closer. Even so, some research shows that open space offices reduce work productivity and make employees sometimes feel uncomfortable because there is no privacy.

There is nothing wrong with the design of open office space, especially if the corporate culture supports open communication and cooperation. Even so, it’s better for employees to also be given personal space for certain purposes such as meetings.

Audio background can help

The effect of music on the level of work productivity has been widely studied, but no one can determine one of the most universally effective music. The results of the study, most suggested that employees listen to favorite songs while working because the purpose of the music function is to improve employee mood.

Therefore, choosing one type of music to play in the office is not recommended. Instead, allow employees to listen to selected music with their headphones.

Adequate lighting

Adequate lighting in the office not only creates a comfortable environment but also has a positive impact on employee health. Both have a direct effect on their level of productivity. Lack of light according to research can cause a high risk of depression.

The best choice is to use a large window to get natural light. Or, use neon lights that can reduce eye fatigue and make employees focus on their work.

By palmora