When the business develops well, of course there is a desire to increase the number of employees. With the increasing number of employees, certainly a larger room is needed.

That means, the right time to move offices.

Imagining the word “moving office” certainly crossed various activities such as transporting goods. Call it a chair, table, cabinet, book, and important documents.

Goods Transport Services

By using this service, the vendor will handle the transportation of goods from the old office to the new office. Office moving service vendors usually provide materials needed for the transportation of goods, such as cardboard, bubble packs, and cardboard, you can visit www.rhenus-lupprians.com.

A skilled vendor can accelerate the process of moving goods. For example, if it is done by an office person, the process of moving offices can reach 5 days, while the vendor can be shortened to 3 days.

Organizing Teams

Leopold suggested that each department has one person who communicates with the person in charge of moving the office. He is also responsible for ensuring the outflow of goods from his department.

Overview of New Office Locations

It would be nice if a new office design was created. For example, one room will be filled with how many employees, what sitting position.

This aims to determine how much goods are needed for a new room. Don’t forget to make room for chairs and work desks. It is also better to leave one room to be used as a storage warehouse for unused items.

Mature Planning

The right reason to move. For example, want to move offices to larger buildings because the business is growing. You can also move to an office where the room is small because of savings.

Also determine the location of the new office, the area needed, the needs of the goods, and the deadline for moving. If you want to use staff from office HR, it is better to start packing to move offices at night or at office hours so that working hours are not interrupted.

Don’t forget to appoint someone in charge of moving the office. Later the person in charge will coordinate with other departments for the transfer of goods. This person in charge can be taken from a general manager or part of the HRD department.

By palmora