Several years ago, most presentations were conducted with transparency and OHP (over head projectors). Although this method saves considerable money, saving and replacing all transparency sheets from the beginning to the end of the presentation is not effective.

One more reason is that a combination of a laptop and projector can display animation and sound effects on your presentation material, so that your presentation will definitely be more interesting and attractive. And of course the audience / viewer will get a distinct impression from your presentation. So it is not surprising that many companies have provided project facilities in each meeting and conference room. Some of these projector selecting guides will be able to help you before buying, look for one that can direct the kiosk delivery for your convenience, like in the Tecdis company, you can go directly to the website


Some schools use projectors in their teaching and learning activities, so that teachers can show large images and photos in the classroom, so that everyone in the class can watch them. For this reason, a guide for selecting projectors is needed.

At home

Projector can not only be used for presentations or classroom learning activities. Home theater fans also use a projector because of the ability to present large images (more than 300 “) compared to plasma TVs that only have an average screen of 80”.

With a projector you will get the quality of the watch equivalent to a cinema when added with sound capabilities and a film player that is no less great.

Guide to Selecting a Projector

There are many types of projectors for various purposes. Besides paying attention to price, lamp replacement and warranty, we will show the basic specifications for school, office, and home projector. For that consider the things below when you will choose a projector


Brightness on the projector is marked with Lumens, if the value is higher, the brightness will also be higher too. The Lumens range ranges from 800 – 4000 lumens.

Schools and Offices use:> 2000 lumens

It is recommended to choose a projector that has lumens of more than 2000 lumens as a necessity in the office or at school. Because in some cases, a little lighting is needed for the audience to be able to write and read their notes during the presentation. Therefore a projector that has a very high level of brightness is needed.

For larger rooms such as meetinghouses and conference rooms, a projector that has at least 2500 lumens will be more ideal.

Home theater uses: 800 to 1000 lumens

Installing a projector on a home theater does not require high brightness, because almost all home theaters are used in rooms with little lighting. Lumens of 800 – 1000 lumens are suitable for home theater use.

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