forgetting is losing the ability to enumerate or reproduce things that a person has previously learned. Forgetting is considered a form of inability to recognize or remember something that has previously been experienced or learned.

Basically, there are many factors that can cause someone to forget easily, from health factors to bad habits that affect brain health conditions.

Well, for more details, the following has summarized several factors that can cause children to forget easily. make sure you use supplements so that your memory is awakened, make sure the supplements you are using are proven and trusted to use completely plant-based ingredients without any stimulants to improve your memory problems and eliminate mental fatigue. you want to try it? please visit the official website here promind complex review

Is your child one of them?

1. High blood sugar levels in children

The memory stored in the brain can be disrupted due to high blood sugar levels. This condition will disturb the part of the brain related to memory.

So if someone in the family has a history of diabetes or diabetes, it would be better to control sugar intake.

Don’t forget to do regular sugar tests and set a healthy diet. In addition, be active in activities such as walking, which are known to prevent diabetes.

2. Children lack of rest

Humans need 8 hours of rest to be able to store new memories.

In one study, respondents who had 6 hours of sleep per night for a period of 2 weeks may not feel sleep deprivation.

However, after a substantial memory test, results were obtained if they had difficulty recalling short-term memory.

So, it is important for children to get enough rest every day. If your child can’t, take a short nap when your body feels tired, for about 6 minutes.

This will effectively increase the work of important memory processes in the brain.

3. The child experiences stress or depression

Depression is in fact also one of the causes of frequent forgetting. Especially if the sufferer experiences severe depression, of course it will affect the cells in the brain.

When the brain is depressed, this may kill cells in the brain which causes memory to decrease.

If your child is known to be depressed, you should immediately seek psychological therapy for depression so that it does not cause many brain cells to be lost and makes memory difficult to improve.

If this condition occurs in a child, it could be due to a thyroid problem. The thyroid hormone works to control metabolism in the body.

If the production is too little or too much, of course, it can disturb the cells in the brain and slow down the information that enters the brain.

For a solution, you can try to get your child checked by a doctor to get further treatment.

5. The child is malnourished

A child who is malnourished can make him forgetful. Especially if he lacks vitamin B12 which is usually obtained from dairy products, fish and meat.

For that, balance high activity in school with good intake such as types of food, vegetables, or fruit that contain vitamin B12.

6. Children taking sleeping pills or allergies

Medicines are also often used as a way to treat insomnia, allergies, and indigestion.

But unfortunately, this can also cause impaired function in the brain.

For this reason, before taking these drugs, first consult a doctor so that it will not affect the child’s brain memory.

7. The habit of sleeping snoring in children

Not only can it disturb the comfort of sleeping, but this habit can also reduce memory.

When snoring sleeps, the airway gets blocked so that it can cut off the oxygen supply for a few seconds and cause the cells in the brain to starve.

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