The problem of fluffy and unmanageable hair is usually faced by those who have curly hair. But, actually curly and straight-haired women can also experience this problem. When the hair expands and is difficult to manage, it can be caused by the lack of natural moisture on hair. In dry conditions, the base of the hair will be lifted. If your hair is healthy, the hair cuticle is closed, this makes the hair look smooth.

To overcome the problem of fluffy and difficult to manage hair, it is better if you use Bondi Junction hairdressers, it can help you to look good with neat and perfect hair.

In addition to choosing the wrong hair products, various habits such as drying hair by rubbing it on a towel and drinking less water can make hair dry. To get healthy hair, follow these tips:

1. Reduce Shampoo

First, know your hair type. Those with dry hair tend to be advised not to wash their hair too often, because, in the process, shampooing can remove the hair’s natural oils. shampooing 2 times a week is enough for those who have dry hair. Make sure to choose the right shampoo which following the type of hair you have. After shampooing, don’t forget to use a deep conditioner followed by hair serum. If you wash your hair every day, it is okay, but this only applies to those of you who have oily hair, or in conditions of dirty hair or sweaty hair.

2. Comb Hair Before shampooing

If the owner of curly hair is not recommended to comb the hair in dry conditions, it is different from the owner of curly or straight hair whose condition is dry and fluffy. You, who have this type of hair type are advised to comb your hair before shampooing because combing hair will attract natural oils so that it can moisturize the hair during the shampoo process. Choose a paddle brush comb with bristles in the form of nylon or natural material.

3. Choose Silk Material for Pillowcases

Mostly pillowcase made out of cotton, but if you are annoyed with fluffy hair that is difficult to manage, try to consider buying a pillowcase made from silk. Soft silk cloth can prevent hair friction when we sleep so that the risk of frizz, broken hair, is far reduced. Silk material can also hold hair moisture, in contrast to cotton which can make hair drier. Another bonus, pillowcases made from silk has a cold effect.

4. Perform Hot Oil Treatment

Fluffy hair does have its challenges. Well, try hot oil treatments to tame your lion’s hair. This hair care is done by heating the natural oil before it is applied to the hair. The types of oils used are vegetable oils such as safflower, avocado, argan, almond, jojoba, and extra virgin olive oil. You can also mix virgin coconut oil as a base with various types of oils mentioned earlier.

By palmora