Program execution is the system’s ability to load programs into memory and run programs. With the existence of  Polar Seven can automate the process between application development and the development team so they can make the process of building, testing and releasing software faster and more reliable. DevOps that are already running well will produce a stable product and increase the value of the product.

A good operating system must-have services in the form of program execution, I / O operations, file system manipulation, communication, and error detection. The use of a multiuser system can be more profitable which is more efficient because of shared resources between users. As a function of shared services, the operating system will provide the user efficiency system in the form of:

1. Resource allocator i.e. allocates resources to multiple users or jobs that are running at the same time.
2. Protection, ensuring access to the system resources are controlled (control user access)
3.Accounting, i.e. recording user activities, resource use quota (justice or policy)

Why DevOps is so important in the IT industry

One of the best practices in DevOps is to do a small and fast product update. In the IT industry, it can be called a minor/patch update. By doing a small product update, organizations/companies can innovate faster for their products, also can rollback easily if a bug is not covered by automated testing or the QA team. With this practice, the Organization / Company can monitor the product and get the most valuable data, namely user data.

Infrastructure as a Code

Infrastructure as a Code is a practice in System Architecture where the infrastructure of a product is defined in code that can be programmed, standardized and easy to duplicate. Medium-scale products may require more than one machine. With IAAC, the development team can easily add machines through one line of code.

Products on a large scale, generally depend on several products offered by cloud providers, such as providers that offer AWS EC2 and AWS Kinesis Data Stream products . With IAAC, the development team no longer carries out manual operations on the cloud provider console, simply by changing a few lines of code, the more important thing is to be able to minimize errors.
Popular applications that support IAAC include Terraform, Ansible Tower, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, and AWS CloudFormation.


A product must be monitored to find out how the product is used by users. In DevOps practice, monitoring is very important. The development team must know how the code changes impact the product as well as its users through monitoring tools.

By palmora