Currently, parents are worried about children who do not have good morals. Especially when

they saw the news about the increase of juvenile delinquency that made parents feel more anxious about child social life.

This concern should be removed by teaching children from an early age to behave well in their social environment. What we instill in children from an early age will always be inherent in the minds of children until they become adults.

If we want to build your child’s character well, from the beginning teach them good things. But how? One of the ways is to teach them reading as a hobby. St Andrews International School is a place that asks children to read in a good and effective way.

When we give good readings to children from an early age, it will help our children build their character. When children read the book accompany them so that we can explain about various good things directly to the children.

Understand more by reading

On this day everyone is demanded to be more creative and sensitive to information. Therefore, anyone who has broad insights must have the qualifications to become an employee needed by a company.

The value or popularity you get from high school or college will not merely prove your ability. People with broad insight will certainly be easier to develop everything and get a better position at work.

Did you know, the benefits of having an interest in reading are huge. Unfortunately, many people still lazy to do reading for various reasons. Yet if we look back, reading interest can guide us to become successful people that ready to face the future.

When we read a lot, we will know more and when we know more, we will get along more easily. How come? Because having lots of insights make us easier to get along with anyone. As a bonus, we will have lots of material to talk to people.

Similarly, in the working world, we can develop easily because these insights make us more creative and know how to solve various problems. Therefore, reading interest has a great impact on daily life.

By palmora