There are many reasons that make employees leave the company. Generally, getting a better offer and a desire to improve your career is the background of someone withdrawing from the company, therefore Recruitment Agency Thailand offers many new kinds of jobs for you.

However, it is not only external factors that can affect employee comfort at work. Internal factors can also be the reason they want to leave the company.

Now, if you already feel the five things that are presented on the Jobplanet page, get ready to look for a new job.

1. The boss is fierce and doesn’t respect employees
Who would like to have a boss who often gets angry and doesn’t respect his employees? This type of boss is indeed not uncommon because usually when someone has an important position, they feel they have the authority to do everything.

However, your decision to resign for this reason must be carefully considered. You can only decide to look for a new job if the character of your boss has disrupted the performance and development of your career.

2. There is no chance to develop
Every employee will want to grow and want to have influence in the company. However, sometimes there are employees who are not given the opportunity to do so. They are limited to learning new things, and are not trusted to hold more responsibilities.

Well, if you find it difficult to develop in the company where you work, be prepared to look for opportunities in other companies. You don’t need to force yourself to stay long in a company if you don’t get career support there.

3. The existence of office politicsOffice politics will make it difficult for someone to develop a career. Unfortunately, office politics can be found in large companies, which in turn limits the career opportunities of employees. Now, instead of jumping into it, it would be better if you just look for a job.

It’s hard to find a company that is clean from office politics, but you don’t need to worry. You can find information about companies that offer a conducive work environment on the Jobplanet website.

4. Lack of recognitionIn addition to salary, recognition of achievements in the form of praise or other awards can also affect employee performance. The lack of company appreciation for employees can cause demotivation among employees. Surely you are reluctant to work hard at work without any appreciation from the company, right?

5. The company is downWho wants to work for a company that is going bankrupt? When you hear the news that the company’s business is down, generally employees will automatically start distributing their CVs to other companies, so you have no trouble finding work online first like

Therefore, you must be clever in assessing how the company is doing in the next few years, then you can decide whether you should stay or leave the company.

By palmora