Articles are short essays, ranging from 300 to 1,000 words, which discuss specific themes aimed at conveying thoughts to reality, both in the form of certain facts, concepts or opinions.

How do you write articles well? (There are also many questions about how to write / create articles on blogs, how to write scientific articles, how to write articles in newspapers, etc.).

Actually writing basic articles is the same (including articles that are mostly asked above). One thing to note in writing articles is what type of article you want to write. If you do not know what type of article you are writing, it is difficult to hope that your article will succeed in attracting reading interest because the format of the article is unclear.

Well, in this time ilhamteguh will help you explain how to make all kinds of articles. Next, I explain the example before you.

  • Persuasion Articles
  • SEO Articles (Especially For Online Writing)

Steps for Writing Articles in General

Broadly speaking, the steps for writing articles can be divided into the following 5 important points:

  • Determine the Theme. Themes must be specific. The more specific the more interesting it is to read.
  • Set the purpose of writing. Most articles, especially in the description of types and narratives, do not express the purpose of writing explicitly, but implied.
  • Develop themes and discussions according to the type of article (I further describe the description below)
  • Make conclusions. Conclusion makes it easy. You can fix it if the logic or flow of your article is correct.

Thus the steps for writing articles in general. While the steps for your details must match the shape or type of article you want to write. Because each form or type of article has a different way of writing.

Here I will explain how to write each form or type of article.

Persuasive article

This type of article is famous for motivational articles. Because the writing is alias persuasive. The effect can move the reader to do or follow something instead of leaving something. I prefer to call it persuasive articles.

This article is usually used by business people, consultants, religionists, psychologists, therapists, policy makers and anyone who wants to lead an audience to be willing, willing, enthusiastic, enthusiastic to agree and not reject what they offer.

  • Determine the problem / theme.
  • Determine the goal (express).
  • Determine the main idea formulation (express).
  • Develop essays by presenting data and facts to convince others so they can move the reader to do good and stay away from evil.
  • Give conclusions

You can see examples of persuasion articles that are spread on this blog. Almost all articles are alias persuasive. Please read and recap, one of them is: Rich with Writing.

We will really succeed in writing this type of article: We must experience, feel (or experience a little) what we want others to experience and feel. So we can be eager to persuade people to follow the message in our writing. When we are excited, readers will also be eager to read it. And our hope is that they will be moved and agree to our invitation. Even though they have not / have not applied our invitation, at least they agree and agree.

SEO Articles

SEO articles are articles that aim to optimize keyword search on search engine sites such as google. This is not a separate article type. This is an article specifically intended to write online on a blog or site. The type of article is the same as the article I mentioned above. SEO articles can be in the form of descriptions, narratives, expositions, arguments or persuasions. It’s just that it requires certain settings so that search engines, like Google, can easily crawl and mark the theme of the site or blog. Dont forget to use any keyword density checker in order to see whether the density is enough for the search engine or not. The purpose of this type of article is to market a product or service directly to the reader. The article should be directly related to the product or service offered.

The essence of SEO article writing is: applying search engine rules in writing articles so that machine crawler robots are easily tracked and recommend that our writing appear on the front page of search results. For further information, please open the website

Thus Tips and How to Write Good Articles that I made. Hopefully you can use it.

By palmora