Bokeh is a term used in the world of photography and videography where the easy definition is the result of an image or video showing the sharpness of the object being photographed so that it displays a blurry background. With this photo technique, we can have several advantages that can be obtained, one of which is to emphasize the object that we photograph or video. This bokeh technique is very suitable for photos that have real objects, such as portraits, product photos, or other objects. For more information, you can visit

Making bokeh photos and videos can be said to be difficult. How to make bokeh photos and videos, of course, we have to know first what is called bokeh, and why photos and videos can become bokeh. Well, we will discuss tips on making bokeh photos and videos, but before that, we will also review a little about the meaning of the word bokeh.

What is bokeh and why does a photo or video become bokeh?

Maybe you’ve seen a photo or video bokeh, but you haven’t realized it. So, bokeh is a loan word from Japanese. Bokeh is absorbed from the Japanese word “Boke” which means “blur”. This word will become familiar if you continue to explore the world of photography and videography.

In terms of easy bokeh, as already explained, is the blur condition where usually this is used as an advantage for object photos so that the object looks firm and stands out. In photography and videography, bokeh can be said as an out of focus area, because of the limitations that occur in the camera lens.

In other words, if you see a photo or video that produces a clear and sharp object and then looks blurry around it (usually in the background), you have seen what bokeh photos and videos look like.

By palmora