By offering Transformational Services, our goal is – obviously – to help you transform your business model by cultivating innovative strategies to perform to their optimum potential for your organization.  The business of integrating cutting edge solutions to solve today’s business problems is what we do.  Our staff goes that extra mile to deliver customized business results that work with your company to help it grow.


Trusted Partnerships


When partnering with global giants, such as Microsoft (TIG is a Microsoft Gold partner), Citrix, and VMware, our services to businesses are greatly enhanced.  Using TIG’s Transformational Services provides you with a team of experts, solidly planted in a foundation based on knowledge and experience that makes new and innovative concepts easier to grasp and implement.


Cloud Experience


With years of experience in cloud-based solutions for businesses, a team of experts is assembled and ready for the next task at hand.  If the next task involves your business, you can be assured that TIG is ready with consultative experts to listen to your vision and help guide you through the decision-making process that will take your journey down a path of success.  Businesses could look upon a migration to Office 365 with trepidation and a million questions, of which the answers they are unsure.  That’s why valuable experience can be so very helpful when maneuvering through the technological field of files and data.  We offer continued support for questions that may pop up once your business has migrated to Office 365.  We provide on number for businesses to call to receive ongoing management assistance and support.


Transforming Into The Future


Our portfolio of services includes acting as a temporary, or virtual, chief information officer (vCIO).  We respond to your questions and collaborate with the organization’s management team to identify areas of opportunities as presented to your business, as well as delving into any potential concerns.  This is easily one of the best services we offer. Our vCIO service means taking care of absolutely everything. infrastructure management, healthy monitoring, on-site support, and any other concerns you may have are covered with this program. We can monitor and maintain on a proactive basis. A service like this one means access to the most innovative business technologies available today with the troubleshooting help you need most. It’s the perfect way to create a forward-thinking vision of your company in the future while dealing with your needs now.


Disaster Planning


Planning for the future necessarily entails planning for possible disasters.  By planning for a disaster ahead of time, even though you may not know the “specific” details of the disaster, you can help mitigate any harmful consequences to your business.  Even when dealing with a disaster, your business needs to continue to operate, fulfilling the needs of your clients. We’re available to help even here, helping your business plan for the worst so when it happens, you’re completely covered.


At TIG, we know what your business needs to change, and we use our understanding of today’s market to give you the solutions you need most. We’ve logged more than 70,000 project hours in the last twelve months, and we’d love to spend at least part of the next 70,000 helping your business succeed. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.








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