Having worked in call centers in the past, I can honestly state that I have worked in some of the best call centers, and some not so great. Computer programs, the latest technology for computer and phone systems, and training are some of the things necessary to run a great call center. Every call center is different and faces different challenges, which is why having the right tools is important. Financial call centers need the latest tech and training to make sure that the relationship between company and client works smoothly. Training personnel thoroughly in the business process, phone and computer programs, IT personnel is needed and for them to be well trained in assisting with issues that can develop with computer and phone systems.

Level 770 is a company that specializes in helping financial businesses; specifically online trading companies, manage and make the most of their call centers. Level770 currently is providing much needed services to 77 call centers globally. The company helps provide employee training and retraining, make sure call centers have the best tools and latest technology, having access to client data and securing it, fraud protection, and making sure calls between clients and company are mutually smooth, professional, and helpful. On the website of Level770.com, the company states that it has over a decade in experience, and leading in online trading technologies.


It’s important to have a clear plan in setting up a call center with the right programs, training, and that it works together. Nothing is more frustrating to a client than having problems with a call center representative who doesn’t seemed to be fully trained, or the calls are dropped, or having to wait to get an answer on a question because a computer program is frozen. It makes a representative’s job more difficult when they don’t have the training or the tools to do their jobs properly. When you are in the business to make money, you can’t be having issues with the tools or training. On Level770.com, they seem to really care about making sure a business has a plan and can work with the professionals at this company to map out the best plan for setting up a call center.


I really enjoyed the idea that setting up programs and such for a call center doesn’t have to take forever, as the company promises to have an online trading company up and running in roughly three hours. Another feature I liked that is that Level770 are with you every step of the way to make sure things is running. Nothing could be more frustrating than having someone install a bunch of programs, set up the phones and computers, and then being left to figure things out on your own. If I owned my own business, I would want to have the best, but also would want someone to make sure that I understood everything well enough to train others, and make my business grow. I would want to have a company like Level 770 helping my business out.











By palmora