The internet is a computer network that is used by many people to support their activities, whether for communication, business and so on. Not only the internet, apparently there are many kinds of computer networks. The following are various computer networks that we have summarized:

1. Based on Geographical Reach

– LAN (Local Area Network)

Local Area Network, abbreviated as LAN, is a computer network that only covers a small area or region. This network usually used in the cafe, office, or school.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

Metropolitan Area Network or MAN is a computer network in one city or between cities with high data transfer speeds. This computer network connects various locations such as offices, campuses, government, and others. If you need a computer netwrok audit for the company, please visit the website at

– WAN (Wide Area Network)

Wide Area Network or WAN is a type of computer network that is very broad, covering countries and continents. Transmission media that commonly use WAN networks are submarine cables and satellites.

2. Based on Data Transmission Media

– Wired Network (Wired Network)

Wired Network is a type of computer network that uses cable as a data transmission medium. The cable is used to connect computers with other computers so that the computers can exchange data or connect to the internet.

– Wireless Computer Network (Wireless Network)

Unlike the wired network, wireless networks do not use cable as the transmission media. Exchange of information/data between computers using electromagnetic waves.

3. Based on the Distribution of Data / Information Sources

– Centralized Network

A centralized computer network is a type of computer network that consists of one main computer and one or more terminal computers. The main computer is functioned as a source of data needed by the terminal computer.

The main computer is what stores all data and application programs that will be distributed to the terminal computer. Whereas the terminal computer itself usually only functions as an intermediary for users to access the host computer.

– Distributed Networks

A distributed computer network is a type of computer network that consists of several main computers. In contrast to a centralized network, on a distributed network, all hosts connected to this network can act as the host computer in a centralized network. It means that data distribution that occurs on this type of computer network is not only from one main computer (server).

4. Based on the Role and Relationship of Each Computer in Processing Data

– Client-Server Network

This network consists of one or more computers that act as servers, and several computers that act as clients. Generally, only one computer acts as a server and the other computer acts as a client. The server computer acts as a provider of resources or data, while the client computer uses the resources or data provided by the server computer.

– Peer to Peer network

In this type of network, each computer, both client and server computers, has the same role and position. In other words, a server computer can be a client computer and vice versa.

By palmora