Being a parent is not easy. There are obligations and responsibilities in it, especially in terms of educating children.

Every parent will undoubtedly try their best to educate their children. However, even parents can make mistakes in everyday life or when teaching children.

The thing to remember in educating children is, you as parents are also human beings. You will make mistakes. Never told anyone that you are perfect.
Every parent must learn every day how to teach their children good things.

Here are three mistakes often found when educating children:

Pamper Children

Parents sometimes give all that the child wants as a form of affection. However, rather than pampering, giving the child a portion of the responsibilities and household duties will make the child’s growth and development better.

Give an explanation to children about responsibility.
Teach your child to separate between personal needs and family needs from an early age. You are responsible for teaching your children about generosity, a sense of responsibility, and also foster independence.
Early school education also influences children’s growth and development. Patana¬†Bangkok International Schools¬†is the best choice.

Trying to Be a Good Friend for Children

Many parents want to be close friends with their children. However, this way will make it difficult, somehow, for parents to reject the wishes of children. This treatment can make children grow to be a selfish individual.

Conversely, parents who have full authority, will be more respected and obeyed by the children. There are three styles of parents in educating children:

  • Authoritarian parents, where parents are in full power in managing children.
  • Permissive parents, where parents give much love and pamper their children so that children tend to be more dominant over their desires.
  • Authoritative parents combine two previous styles. Giving children rules, but also providing lots of love.

The third one is what should be applied to educate children. Because with authoritative, parents will remain warm, willing to listen to children, but can still respect by children.

Failed to Create Good Family Atmosphere

Culture shapes characters. The phrase is indeed correct. There is plenty of evidence that shows that if someone comes from families who have a good culture, they will give birth to good children too.

The development of the times and the exposure of the media today has a significant influence on creating the character of children. Thus, creating a good family culture plays an essential role in educating children.

As we know, children are now able to see the world without restrictions and supervision. If parents are lack of attention, children will watch and imitate bad things.

Parents must be good at teaching children about good and bad values, wrong and right things. After that, children will be able to distinguish what they see and experience correctly.

By palmora