It is quite surprising to see how televisions have upgraded over the years. From childhood memories of the giant desktop look alike TV to the modern, flat LED TV, this progressive change in the technology shows we are making progress.
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At present, television has evolved rapidly with the advancements in technology. But, what does the future hold for televisions in the upcoming years?
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Curious to know, let’s read on:

Innovation of Smarter, Smart LED TVs

At the end of 2019, LED television is expecting to integrate advanced multiroom speaker systems like Amazon Echo so that your TV can do much more than just show your favorite show.

The TV engineers are planning to upgrade the LED TVs one step forward: you can turn off the lights, check the weather or traffic, and even change the volume on your television, without moving a muscle. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Well, the possibilities are endless, and it is expected that all the upcoming TV sets of the different brands will have inbuilt multiroom speakers.

Rise of 4K Ultra HD resolution

While the vast majority of people still use high-definition TV sets with different pixel resolution, the gradual shift to 4K Ultra HD is gathering prominent pace in online eCommerce shopping stores like Paytm. With the convenience of comparing different TV resolutions online sitting at the comfort of a couch, 4K ultra HD resolution is expected to roll out everywhere in 2019.

Super sound quality

With the passing of years, the sound quality of TVs is also advancing after the innovation of OLED technology. Its integration with LED TV reveals new possibilities, as finding content or live shows is now easier to do through voice search- likely users will access to more Google Play apps.

Size of the TV screen matters

In 2019, the screen size of LED TV is expecting to get larger in sizes, after all, the highest quality pictures are only experienced on larger screen sizes (for example, over 70 inches), so you will be able to enjoy amazing immersion that will enhance your TV viewing experience.

More interactivity

Companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft have all developed virtual technologies and still leaving their footprints. Within the next 5-10 years, LED TV screens are likely to make way and gain immense popularity for pairing with VR eye-wear and headsets.

Expect this entertaining device to be ubiquitous in homes, which allows users to stream videos and music and browse the internet. What’s more, all televisions are likely to become tech-upgraded LED TVs.

There is a cut-throat competition is going on among technology giants to become the leader in smart LED TV development. Big names, such as Google, Apple, Netflix, and Amazon are all included in the race and developing more advanced LED TVs to make the technology much more affordable for consumers.

Few of the technology-advanced LED TVs are already making its strong pace in the online market. If you are a tech-freak individual, download the Paytm app to shop for the technology upgraded the smart TV at the best price.

By palmora