Defending the United Kingdom and the rest of the world requires more than just having some quick wits, sexy suits and charm. In this regard, James Bond has been one of the most reliable individuals who has performed remarkably all this time in different movies with a little help from technology that looked more real than a work of fiction in the age of today. 

One of the recent versions that featured Daniel Craig as James Bond relied more on different fisticuffs, quantum computers and many other gadgets than any other Bond movies that were out in the past few years. You can have a look at the different gadgets and see how technology and spy gadgets enhanced in different James Bond movies over time. Apart from that, many Cox cable channels can help you get down the memory lane if you want to watch some of the popular gadgets of the time:


Featuring Movie: Thunderball (1965)

Bond Character Played By: Sean Connery

You might be fantasizing about James Bond driving some really cool looking and high-tech cars that have all the missiles taking down enemy vehicles off the road and fortresses and taking heavy damage on the windscreen and the entire car’s body. One of the most iconic transportation gadgets that originated in the Bond Movies was the Jetpack that helped Sean Connery’s James Bond escape the French chateau. 

Little Nellie 

Featured Movie: You Only Live Twice (1967)

Bond Character Played By: Sean Connery

This was a heavily armed autogyro that looked more like a plane and was given the name Little Nellie. In the movie Q shipped it for assembly in four suitcases for use by James Bond in the movie You Only Live Twice. The mini one-person autogyro had guns, air mines, rockets, flamethrowers on the rear-mounted and infrared-guided missiles. It was based on the modified version of the Wallis WA-116 Agile which was developed by a former RAF Wing Commander named Ken Wallis in the 1960s. It was one amazing version that was given life by many countries and added to the fleet of Air Force squadrons across the globe. 

Aston Martin DB5

Featuring Movies: Goldfinger (1964) and Thunderball (1965)

Bond Character Played By: Sean Connery

This was one of the amazing Bond Cars featured in the 1964 hit Bond movie and the 1965 Thunderball. The car by Aston Martin was given back its charm and life in the Skyfall with some additional capabilities and more road rash gadgets. These gadgets included some additional gizmos and weapons including homing beacon that appeared on the dashboard, bulletproof windows, a spout in the rear of the car to spill oil, spout to throw a smokescreen, ejection seat to throw out any passengers that refuse to comply and machine guns on the front. Apart from that, a Ben-Hur style tire slasher that could take the enemy or attacking vehicles off the road. Bond had the liberty to travel to any country he wanted and so he had to have the license plates automatically altered out to conform to international regulations 

Submarine Lotus Esprit

Featuring Movie: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Bond Character Played By: Roger Moore

Whenever 007’s car goes down into the ocean or drowned in the deep sea, the first thing that people have in mind is that the car he is driving is surely going to turn into some sort of submarine and will make him track down his enemy. The Lotus Esprit is the ideal cool vehicle that always becomes his way out to evade his enemies in hot pursuit. With just a stroke of a button or on coming in contact with water the car’s wheels tucks in and a periscope pops out making the car operate like a submarine. Apart from that, Bond can use the surface-to-air missiles to take on enemies who might be hunting him down using helicopters along with mines and torpedoes to take care of any resistance from the sea. 

False Fingerprints 

Featured Movie: Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Bond Character Played By: Sean Connery

If you are a spy on duty, the art of disappearing and taking over somebody else or a disguise is a skill that you should have. Bond has always been good at going undercover and dances with the devil at a casino table, in their own base of operations. One of the gadgets that came in handy for Bond were the fake fingerprints that worked when he hands over the glass to Tiffany Case, the diamond smuggler in the movie. This made her believe that he is a fellow smuggler and not Agent 007 

Cigarette and Toothpaste Bomb

Featured Movie: Licence to Kill (1989)

Bond Character Played By: Timothy Dalton

Carrying grenades and bombs in his hands or in a bag is not Bond’s style of blowing up things when he can simply use cigarettes and toothpaste as a bomb and its fuse. These are not easy to carry around but can easily go undetected even in the most highly secured places like airports, hotels and even in the car in case Bond needed to blow up an approaching enemy’s car.  

Final Words

Apart from the above-mentioned high-tech gadgets and gizmos that are part of 007’s arsenal, we can see the amazing Bagpipe Flamethrower, Invisibility Cloak for himself and his car, an inflating sphere that could help him cushion in case he has a car crash or a fall from a building and so many other gadgets that make him the ultimate weapon. 

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