Types of Hotel Rooms from Facilities to Functions, Important for Travelers

The hotel becomes one of the places to be visited while on a visit or out of town or even a country for a place to rest. Various types of hotels are now available for you who have different needs as well.

For example for travelers, maybe a hotel with a beautiful view or a hotel with an attractive atmosphere is the choice. But did you know that every hotel must have their own room types.

Hotel room types are based on number of beds

1. Single room

Single room or single studio room is a type of hotel room that is commonly owned by each hotel. Single rooms usually only consist of one room that contains only one bed, sofa, and bathroom.

Single room hotel type is suitable for one person because the facilities and capacity are not large. Single rooms are also usually more desirable by travelers traveling alone, because the price is cheaper compared to other hotel room types.

2. Twin room

The twin room hotel type has two beds which are usually separate and each have a single size. However, these two beds can be put together and placed side by side in accordance with the wishes of the hotel room booking. Twin room is usually used for couples, or relatives, to friends who stay together.

3. Double room

Double room hotel rooms have a king-size bed that can fit two people. Double room is more suitable for couples who are on their honeymoon or couples who do not have children.

4. Triple room / family room

Types of hotel rooms based on the last bed is a triple room or family room. As the name suggests, this hotel room is suitable for families with one large bed for two people and one small or single bed. Triple room can also contain three single sized beds. For a triple room, the room will usually be more spacious.

Type of hotel room from the facilities provided

1. Standard room (STD)

Standard room or standard room is a common room provided by each hotel. Standard rooms are also cheap hotel rooms because the facilities provided are fairly standard, such as televisions, desks, bathrooms, to refrigerators.

Each hotel has different standard room facilities.
Two star and five star hotels will certainly vary in amenities. But above are the usual standard facilities provided.

2. Superior room (SUP)

Each hotel does have a different standardization of facilities. Depending on what star the hotel is up to the price offered. Superior room is a type of hotel room that is better in terms of facilities to a given size than the standard room. The difference between superior rooms and standard rooms may not be too noticeable.

3. Deluxe room (DLX)

In contrast to superior and standard rooms, deluxe rooms are designed to be more attractive and more complete with amenities. In addition deluxe rooms are also sometimes placed in areas that are better than the standard and superior rooms. However, the deluxe rooms in some hotels are also sometimes lower than the facilities up to their size compared to the type of hotel superior room.

4. Junior suit room (JRSTE)

Junior suit room or also often said studio (STU) is a type of hotel room that has facilities such as a sitting or a separate living room with a bedroom. These two rooms are separated by small dividers such as walls or large cabinets. Some hotels that have junior suit room types also have kitchens.

5. Suit room (STE)

This type of hotel room can be said to be similar to a small apartment inside a hotel. With facilities such as a bedroom, kitchen, living room and separate bathroom, this type of hotel room is usually used by people who are on business to families who want to stay long enough.

6. Presidental Suit

Presidental can be said as a type of hotel room suit room that is wider. This hotel room type is Janis the best and most expensive room of a hotel.
Not all hotels have a presidental suit. The facilities provided by this room are the best facilities offered by the hotel.

The hotel will also usually provide the best view for this type of hotel room. Rooms like this are usually used by important people, such as officials, billionaires, to a president.

By palmora